can progesterone cream give results in reducing hirsutism?

by lydia
(new zealand)

Hello all.
I have been using natpro for 3 cycles now.I am a bit concerened as I seem more emotionally down,anxious and distressed.It is not like me to be like this and it has been a concern.But I am persevering and hopefully will get better.I also have had trouble with my sleep,as in waking up through the night with racing heart :( I take it these are estrogen dominance symptoms and will hopefully balance out.I take 1.2 mg 2 xs a day day 14-28.
I have mennoragia ,uterine fibroids suspected pcos and with that hirsutism.
I am at the point with my hirsutism where I am at my wits ends and am hoping for progesterone to help with balancing my hormones,along with other supliments (inositol,folic acid , dim and I have ordered calcium d glucurate)Has any body had results with hirsutism being reduced significantly by using p.cream?Do I need to remove the hair or will it start to diminish?
All the best all of you on your own healing journeys.

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Sep 23, 2015
I suffer from hirsutism too :(
by: Nicole

Do you have regular cycles? If not then it should be taken EVERYDAY for at least 3 months. Then once cycles regulate start 14 -28. I take 1.5 tsp a day so around 250 mgs a day. Hirsutism takes time. I still shave it and laser it when I can afford it.

Nov 01, 2015
p.cream for hirsutism
by: Lydia

Hi,yes I have very regular cycles,but very heavy flow and clotting.(possibly due to fibroid) I just use cream day 14-28 at this stage because my cycles are regular,Did you find any decrease with using P.cream?

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