Can natural progesterone cream help me become pregnant?

by Ama

My period has been irregular and I have tried several drugs which did not even help me at all, all of a sudden my period stopped flowing. I travelled out of the country and decided to see a doctor and there, he gave me the shock of my life. He said that I had reached my menopause!

Menopause at 35! It's killing because I married some 2 years ago and I want to have kids.

Please can you tell me if the natural progesteron cream can help work on my period leading to pregnancy?

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Nov 03, 2009
Can natural progesterone cream help me become pregnant?
by: Aylin

I think the doctor is wrong ! For sure you are not at menopause at 35. You can try natural progesterone. I am 30 and have the same problem like you, after many pills like Orgametril which is a synthetic progesterone pill, my periods stopped. I started the natural progesterone and now I am awaiting the period again. I think it will be ok. And even if you have no period, you can have the ovulation and can become pregnant without having the period, Many women are like this. So, try this too! Good luck!

Nov 04, 2009
Progesterone and pregnancy
by: Wray

Hi Ama. It's so difficult for me to say if progesterone will help, without knowing how they came to the conclusion you are in menopause. I imagine they did a test for oestrogen and FSH? If oestrogen is low and FSH is high, it means the pituitary is trying to get the ovaries to work. Did they do a scan to confirm no viable eggs are in the ovary? Premature ovarian failure affects about 1% of women. I have reason to suspect it's caused by insulin resistance, as this affects the ovaries greatly, in fact it affects our whole body, ultimately leading to heart disease. Were you checked for insulin resistance (IR)? Please see this web page, it explains what it is.

A lack of vitamin D is one of the causes of IR, please have a vitamin D test done. I know you live in a sunny climate, but if you work mostly in doors, you won't be getting enough vitamin D. If you have no viable eggs left, the only alternative is a donor egg. If your ovaries are not functioning due to some nutrient deficiency, oxidative stress, insulin resistance, then there is a possibility your ovaries could recover. Progesterone is always low in premature ovarian failure and in a malfunctioning ovary. Please do the questionnaire you can access in the right margin of this page to find out whether you do need progesterone. Take care, Wray

Nov 05, 2009
Progesterone cream works
by: Amber

I have PCOS and have been struggling with my cysts since I was in my late teens. They kept putting me on the pill, to help get rid of the painful cysts. But when I wanted to try and conceive after being married for about 2 years I went off the pill. I went into a natural health food store and they recommended natural Progesterone cream, which I put one pump of it on every morning.

I got pregnant right away using it. It does wonders. I was even told that I may have a really hard time conceiving. But now that I'm pregnant my progesterone levels are low and my doctor put me on some progesterone pills. So "Yes!" Progesterone cream worked for me! Baby dust and best wishes to you...

Oct 11, 2012
Inbalance hormones
by: Aba

Am 23..... And am sufferin from imbalance hormones pls can i use some of the cream.....cos my period is irregular...thank you.

Oct 13, 2012
Inbalance hormones
by: Wray

Hi there Yes you can use progesterone, it's usually because this is low that we have imbalances. We have more info about it on our page about How to use progesterone cream. But please read the page on Oestrogen Dominance too, as this can occur when first using it. Often because too little is used. I recommend 100-200mg/day, often more if symptoms are bad. Take care Wray

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