Can Menopause be reversed?

by Davina Levi
(Athens, Greece)

I'm 50 years old and before my last period (last June) I was using Natpro to ease my heavy perimenopause symptoms. I had noticed that whenever I was using Natpro, my cycle was becoming more erratic and few days later another menstruation, always heavier, would appear.

Soon I started to take an Iron supplement as I could hardly stand on my feet. Being unable to find the exact doze of Progesterone for my body I finally went to my doctor, who diagnosed that I also suffered from fibroids and he suggested an immediate hysterectomy. My sexual life was not very satisfactory the past 5 years but the idea of removing and actually amputating my body was out of the question! I left running from his office and discontinued the use of Natpro. To fight the fibroids I started taking enzymes (VitalZym) and paid extra care to my diet.

A month later (July) I noticed waves of hot flashes and insomnia, but being under the impression that I am still perimenopausal and in expectation of my menstruation I did not magnify my symptoms. In August, I realized that I finally entered menopause as I had no menstruation at all. To ease the most-embarassing-hot-flashes, I started taking "Eminox" pills, a blend of natural herbs, as supplement and treatment, always keeping away from Natpro. I did not notice any dramatic improvement, yet "life was bearable" and of course I did not menstruate. The hot flashes were not that severe now, I had an adequate lubrication during intercourse and a rather fair libido (my partner is 4 years younger and sexually active), but the hairloss was still there and now the insomnia was replaced by sleepiness and exhaustion to the extent I could not drag myself out of bed or catch-up with my daily activities!

No question of visiting a Western Medicine practicioner and hear the "hysterectomy" alternative! Under the unpleasant circumstances, last week I remembered Natpro. It only took 6 days of use to see blood spots! Not to mention the unbearable backaches. To make things worse, today I woke up from a TERRIBLE vagina itch to the extent that I can neither use panties or wear my underwear! I did not miss my Natpro rubbing though but the hot flashes are here with the same intensity. I would appreciate your explanation before I visit an alternative therapist next week. P.S. the rest values in my blood tests are good. Many thanks for your prompt-Davina

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Sep 19, 2009
Can Menopause be reversed?
by: Wray

Hi Davina. Progesterone can upset the cycle when first using it. Peri-menopause is the most difficult time in our lives, periods do become very erratic. Sometimes 2 weeks apart, sometimes 3 months. Sometimes only spotting, sometimes flooding! Progesterone would not have caused this, and no amount will correct the irregular cycle, but it will help with the other symptoms associated with P-M. Please see this web page.

Fibroids are caused by excess oestrogen, which stimulates their development, progesterone suppresses excess oestrogen. Please see this web page on fibroids.

The symptoms you experienced whilst using progesterone were oestrogen dominance, this will pass if the level of progesterone used is high enough. About 200mg/day is needed with severe symptoms. Please see this web page.

The blood spots were caused by progesterone cleaning out the uterus, this is one of it's roles at the end of a monthly cycle. It can happen if progesterone is used in early menopause, as there's still a residual lining present. It doesn't normally occur more than once though.

The itch is probably candida, it thrives in a high oestrogen environment. Please see these papers:
Paper 1

Paper 2

Take care.

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