Can I use this?

by Moira

I have gone through the menopause and have been left with the hot flushes, anxiety attacks, asthma, depression, general irritation, and short temperedness, weight gain, and have only found out recently that these are all due to the menopause. I thought that they were caused by my divorce.

I generally stay away from doctors because I don't like being filled up with drugs and I had taken on the job of nursing my mother through her dementia for 6 years. (She has now passed on). I just thought that everything was due to the pressure of caring for her and my divorce.

I was surprised that this general state of health was recognised. I have been menopausal for nearly ten years and hate my fatty body which will not loose weight no matter what. I eat healthily and generally do not overeat. I was built like a stick until I was 45, (9stone).

I am not expecting a model figure but am generally considered to be 1-1/2 stone - in the old money overweight I am now 11+ stone - I don't know exactly what weight any more because I lost my scales in my move.

I have two boisterous dogs and walk them regularly but all that does is build up my muscle bulk.

Anyway the point I am asking about is - is it too late for your cream to make any difference for me? I am a young 61 years old.

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Sep 29, 2010
Can I use this?
by: Wray

Hi Moira Progesterone will definitely help, it's never too late to start. Particularly if you have that string of awful symptoms still. If you should consider trying it I suggest you use it every day as you have no cycle. For more info please see this page on Menopause. I generally recommend 100-200mg/day, but it's entirely dependant on symptoms. For instance hot flushes are dramatically reduced or stop if 400mg/day is used for 4-5 days. Then the amount is slowly reduced till the optimum is found. Your symptoms would have been far less if you had not had to look after your mother or gone through a divorce. Stress of any kind drops progesterone levels sharply. This leads to oestrogen becoming the dominant hormone, for more info please see the page on Oestrogen Dominance. Excess oestrogen also leads to insulin resistance, which is what I believe you now have, as you can't loose weight. Please see our page on Insulin Resistance. Take care Wray

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