Can I take progesterone during pregnancy?

by Rebecca
(Weyers Cave, VA)

Hi Wray, I am 6 weeks pregnant with my second child and am experiencing, among other things, sleeplessness. I wake up between 2-4 a.m. and can't get back to sleep. I don't remember having this with my first pregnancy until later on in the pregnancy.

I had insomnia and other hormonal issues last year after weaning my first child from nursing. I used Natpro cream then and it really helped. I finally felt myself again and was sleeping well and now this!

Can I take Natpro safely while pregnant? I don't want to cause any further hormonal imbalances or anything and I wasn't sure if supplementing with progesterone during pregnancy would cause my body to stop making it's own progesterone.

Please let me know because I am desperate for good sleep, since I am pregnant and chasing after a toddler!

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Aug 15, 2010
Can I take progesterone during pregnancy?
by: Wray

Hi Rebecca I know how you feel, but I didn't have a toddler too! Progesterone is safe to use in Pregnancy,, please read through this page. So pleased the Natpro helped you previously. I suggest you use the same amount again as this worked, if you find it not helping quickly enough increase gradually. If some should get on your child when you pick it up, it is safe, in fact it's given to pre-term infants for respiratory syndrome. Many women use it to get their baby to sleep, as it's very calming. Both progesterone and serotonin drop sharply after birth, which can cause insomnia, depression and a host of other problems. If the insomnia is bad, you could take tryptophan, the precursor amino acid to serotonin. For more info on this please see our page Natural Antidepressants. It gives a list of nutrients which help and how to take them. Tryptophan is found in food, as it's a building block of protein, but it's usually in very short supply. When stressed the body can't convert enough into serotonin. Let me know how you get on. Take care Wray

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