Can I take Natpro with large fibroids?

by Karen
(York, England )

I have just spent hours reading your forum, so very interesting thank you.

I am almost 58 yrs, mild peri menopause symptoms for years, have most things on list mildly but manageable. Still bleed v occasionally like every 3-4 months. Very good general health, low cholesterol, etc.

My Major problem is fibroids, one is 10 cm and many small ones, only constant recommendation is a total hysterectomy? Why I say, because it's easier they say. Then just live on low dose HRT for rest of life they say, never ever, ever I say. My mum used HRT for 15-20 years then had horrific menopause after stopping in her late 60,s then died of heart problems, what a tragic waste. I will never take it. My V nice gynaecologist condescends to tolerate my rather wacky (her views) views of a natural and totally drug free lifestyle but I am v v troubled by pressure on bladder and bowel. This is a problem, have been to A and E three times in past 2 years and been catheterised. No one I know understands why I won't do the surgery route.

Please help - I have read that prog cream cannot be used with large fibroids, please could you advise me on this as I would like to try natpro. I have used serenity cream on and off for 10 years, to good effect although I now see from Your site that it was not enough, I used tiny amounts!
Many thanks

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Jan 05, 2017
Can I take Natpro with large fibroids?
by: Joy

Hi Karen

Peri-Menopause can be a torrid time for most women, your are most fortunate to have it mildly. Fibroids are caused from oxidative stress and unless that stress is taken care of they will always bother you. Having surgery will help in the beginning but unless the oxidative stress is dealt with, they usually return in various places. How easy for them to say that a hysterectomy is needed, so typical actually. However, progesterone therapy will help smaller fibroids absorb back into the body, it is the larger ones that prove to be problematic and could require surgery. Please consider taking the nutrients mentioned on the Fibroid page.

HRT is not the answer either as all drug based HRT have a potential to cause harm, another easy way out. So too are anti-depressants when in most cases hormones needed to be balanced.

Pressure on the bladder could very well be an Estrogen Dominance symptom. Estrogen causes smooth muscle to constrict, the urinary tract contains smooth muscle. This would cause more frequent urination. Progesterone relaxes smooth muscle. In fact estrogen can causes incontinence as mentioned on the HRT page.

Small amounts of progesterone will not work, if used correctly you should find great benefits. I suggest starting with 200mg per day, you many needed more until things improve. Progesterone therapy is NOT an overnight fix, it takes anything from 2-6 months, possibly longer, depending on how severe symptoms are before any kind of positive change is felt. Vitamin D3 is very important, do you know what your vitamin D3 level is as a deficiency reduces the benefits and is vital for fibroids. Co-Factors are needed when take Vitamin D3, Magnesium being considered the most important. Vitamin K2, Zinc and Boron are also important.

Please read these pages if you have not done so already:

Estrogen dominance.
How to use progesterone cream.

Jan 06, 2017
Large fibroids
by: Karen

Hi Joy, Thank you so much for taking the trouble to send that very informative reply. I will investigate your suggestions. I need to look up the ? Stress (can't remember the name as I am not on the thread! have never heard of that.
Best wishes

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