Can Bioidentical Progesterone Cream Be the Alternative?

by 48 year old wife and mother

I was diagnosed Nov 25 2008 with breast cancer (estrogen-receptor+/progesterone receptor+) in the left breast and unfortunately the cancer had already spread to my lungs and several spots on my bones.

I endured 8 months of chemotherapy from Dec 18 2008 to August 20 2009 and had made great progress - lungs were clear and bones were feeling/looking better. My oncologist then started me on Tamoxifen Oct 1 2009 until March 15 2010 at which point at the doctor's visit noticed some red bumps/rash showing up on the top part of my left breast. He has advised me to stop taking Tamoxifen (which I had on March 15 2010) since he says the Tamoxifen is "no longer working for you" and would like for me to start on a once a month injection of Faslodex. Other than the red bumps/rash on the surface of the left breast, my most recent scans on March 5 2010 were clear.

Is Progesterone Cream the answer? The bumps/rash did not start appearing until mid-February (5 months into taking Tamoxifen).

Any insight/information on previous cases similar to my case would be forever appreciated. My oncologist wants to start the Faslodex treatment "right away". I have had no surgery or radiation to the left breast.

I just want my body to return to some sense of normalcy.

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Mar 25, 2010
Can Bioidentical Progesterone Cream Be the Alternative?
by: Wray

I can't say whether progesterone is the answer, but what I can say is that it will do no harm. It's been used successfully in a number of cancers,
please see this. You might also like to read this and this.

The drug they want you to have is an oestrogen receptor antagonist. It works by down-regulating and degrading the oestrogen receptor, in other words it degrades or destroys the oestrogen receptor. Although I believe oestrogen is the culprit as it stimulates mitosis, I don't think this is the answer. It's far gentler to heal the problem rather than destroying it, but then I've never had cancer. If I did I wouldn't hesitate to use progesterone, plus a number of other alternate remedies. Cancer thrives in a low oxygen environment, you might like to read about it here.

Please have a blood test done to check vitamin D levels, the test should be done for 25-hydroxyvitamin D, also called calcidiol. The following list gives an indication of levels found in the blood:
Sufficient - 50?100ng/mL or 124.80-249.60nmol/L
Hypovitaminosis - less than 30ng/ml or 75 nmol/L
Deficiency - less than 25ng/L or 62.4nmol/L
Please see here for more information. Research has found a lack of vitamin D in many cancers. It's also found a lack of glutathione. This tri-peptide, plus vitamin D, are our two most important endogenous antioxidants. Glutathione is made from the amino acids cysteine, glycine and glutamine, please consider taking these too. Oral glutathione is destroyed in the gut, so is not worth taking. Take care, Wray

Apr 07, 2010
by: Cheryl

Ladies, I did research with glutathione and cancer back in the mid 90's. We were able to kill 95% of all of our resistant cancer cells. There actually is a way to get glutathione into the cells. I have worked with quite a few cancer patients and they have all had very good luck with glutathione. However, glutathione (GSH) is too large of a molecule to enter through the cell, so the 3 amino acids that make up GSH are put into a powder form and mixed with a beverage. This absolutely raises the GSH levels intracellularly.

A dear friend of mine that I corresponded my research with is the one that developed this product; he is out of McGill University.

Also cancer cannot survive in a higher ph. A ph of 7.5 will keep a cancer cell dormant and at a ph of 8.5 a cancer cell will die. There are many ways to raise the ph in your system.

If you want more information; my e-mail address is: [Sorry Cheryl, our policy is not to publish email addresses as it attracts spambots. Please continue communication through our form fields. Thank you for your understanding, Webmaster]

Please take care.

Apr 11, 2010
by: Wray

Hi Cheryl. I couldn't agree more about glutathione, I've mentioned it many times in my comments. Like you have said, it's far better to take the three precursor amino acids, cysteine, glutamine and glycine, all readily available in a health shop or on the internet. I generally recommend 5000mg/day N-acetyl cysteine, 8000mg/day glutamine and 3000mg/day glycine. Plus of course vitamin D, this is so important, everyone should have tests done, as there is now a deficiency epidemic. Incidentally the pH of the blood is always kept between 7.35 to 7.45, making it slightly alkaline, anything higher is dangerous. Interstitial fluids and connective tissue the pH is 7.34 to 7.40. Take care, Wray

Jul 03, 2011
Tamoxfen and HRT
by: Anonymous

I was just diagnosed with early stage breast cancer that is estrogen+. I am in radiation and will be taking tamoxifen. Can I take any hormones of any kind while on tamoxifen? I am so confused by what I have read!

Jul 07, 2011
Tamoxfen and HRT
by: Wray

Hi there Progesterone is safe, it fact it's been used successfully for a number of cancers. Please see our page Cancer and progesterone. Many women have rubbed it on their breast after radiation treatment, and found it prevents any scarring. You might like to read a comment made by one user who had both chemo and radiation, see here and here. Before taking tamoxifen, please read these papers first, see here and here. Please have a vitamin D test done, a lack of this vital nutrient leads to over 20 different cancers, see here, here, here, here and here. These are excellent videos to watch too, see here, here and here. For more info on testing see the Vitamin D Council and GrassrootsHealth websites. Take care Wray

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