Calcium d-glucarate

by Annette

Wray I was wondering your thoughts on calcium d-glucarate removing progesterone as well. I'm having a hard time finding anything specific on this matter. The one thing I did find was a woman on calcium d-glucarate and progesterone found that the glucarate also lowered her progesterone from 8 to 6. I'm not wondering if that is the reason it is taking me so long to come right. I've been on 300 milligrams of the calcium d-glucarate all year long, sometimes more. I sure hope this isn't the case. Let me know your thoughts please Wray.

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Dec 30, 2011
Calcium d-glucarate
by: Wray

Hi Annette Glucuronidation is one of the major detoxification pathways. It removes carcinogens, toxins, tumour promoters, the sex hormones ie, the androgens and oestrogens, mineralocorticoids and glucocorticoids, aromatic and heterocyclic amines, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, various nitrosamines, drugs, fungi etc. The enzyme beta glucuronidase reverses the glucuronidation process. It breaks the glucoronide bond between a toxin and glucuronic acid, and releases carcinogens, toxins and excess steroid hormones back into circulation. Progesterone is not a sex hormone, it's not bound to glucuronic acid. I don't know where you found that info, but if from a blog, and not a study on progesterone, I'd be cautious about taking it at face value. I suggest you have a hair mineral analysis done, the best lab is Trace Elements. Often an excess or deficiency of one mineral can throw the body into turmoil. For instance excess calcium in ratio to magnesium causes depression, see here and here. Excess copper in ratio to zinc causes depression and psychotic behaviour, see here and here. Alternatively you could contact the Pfeiffer Treatment Center and have a full analysis done. They check urine, blood and hair for anomalies, a remarkable centre. Take care Wray

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