by Lisa

For the past six years my body has been telling me I have a female problem. My doctors have suggested the pill and I have declined due to smoking. Two years ago I quit smoking and the good health I expected to follow was just the opposite. So Five months ago I got some answers but that really just open up the door to more questions. I have low thyroid and I am at an optimal dose right now. I still have my female issues. I had a large polyp removed recently and three months after that I was still having two periods a month for 7 days each with extreme PMS, clotting. My recent ultrasound shows cyst, one ovary is larger than the other, fibroids. I started taking vitex and that has helped my unstable periods go to once a month. PMS is not as bad but not something to be happy about either. I am 41 now and I believe I need to start using progesterone to help all this nastiness so in doing so do I stop the vitex? I have been told I am peri menopausal so does that mean I should use it all month long? What would be a recommended amount? I took the quiz and my score was high, 81 I think.

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Mar 27, 2014
by: Deborah

Hi Lisa

I'll try to help with the little that I know:

If you're peri-menopausal and irregular in your periods, Wray says that you can use the progesterone cream every day. I have been doing that for some time.

As far as how much: she advises 200 mg and sometimes much more than that - and it can take awhile to begin to feel the effects.

I don't know what Vitex is? Hopefully someone else has an answer for you on that.

Don't give up! Read all that you can on Wray's site. There's so much information on here, and so many wonderful testimonies of progesterone.

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