Brief period of menopause, and glad they are gone!

by Claire Cowart
(Covington, La.USA)

I am now in my 70s, but since I first started having periods they were minimal, and over the years they have continued to be so I was told I would probably not have any children but somehow I was blessed with three healthy children.

But the limited periods continued until eventualy I went into menopause without any of the overt synmtoms most women seem to have. However, though I enjoy sex, my body does not respond as I would like. I don't have the climax most women seem to (though I enjoy the act and would not do without it, I really would like to know what chance there is for me to feel those tumultous orgasms I read aout other women having. My husband and I have worked out methods for both of us to enjoy the act, but I know he would really like me to be like other women he had before our marriage.

As for me I really would like to feel the joy of a climax on my part and at times feel as if it his fault that I don't. However, I truly believe after reading your article, the fault lies with me. How do I change this? Do I need Progesterone therapy?

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Apr 04, 2009
Brief period of menopause, and glad they are gone!
by: Wray

Hi Claire. How lucky you were not to have had the symptoms of menopause! I can't say if progesterone will give you 'tumultous orgasms' again, but it has certainly helped many with low libido. It stimulates nitric oxide, a vasodilator which also prevents platelets aggregating. It's often given to men for erectile dysfunction. Progesterone itself is also a vasodilator and prevents platelets aggregating. We have many men and women using it to raise libido, so it's certainly worth a try! Take care Wray

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