Breast cysts

by Barbara

I had a large breast cyst which was aspirated in november 2008, a mammogram was done and the all clear was given. Since then I have had a mole removed from the same breast which had turned bad and a number of breast cysts but small ones.

This week I have had three ultrasound scans a small aspiration and a mammogram which was clear. I have two more small cysts which have just appeared since my hospital visit. I am exercising, I have given up alcohol, I eat healthy meals. The nurse has given me her card to get in touch if I am concerned. The cysts do not turn cancerous and very small cysts are left because they are two small to be aspirated.

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Nov 11, 2009
Breast cysts
by: Wray

Hi Barbara. Breast cysts or mastodynia, are usually caused by excess oestrogen. Oestrogen and only oestrogen can cause cells to multiply and grow. Progesterone inhibits oestrogen and the cysts are absorbed back into the breast. Please see our page on...
Breast cysts
This paper and our page on
Estrogen dominance
Take care, Wray

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