by Howard

Hi Wray,

I'm a 63 year old guy in the UK. At least 10 years ago, I had a prostate scare and found on measurement over the course of a year that my PSA was 10, the 14, then 17. It was very scarey but subsequent examinations did not reveal any cancer cells. I have had quite a lot of healing and other natural therapies and found that my PSA has stabilised over the course of the last 8-9 years at about 12. It gets tested every year but if it had risen at the rate of the first 3 results, I doubt I would be alive now without surgery!

Now, I generally feel ok. I am sexually quite active, do yoga (stretching the perineal area a lot, detox regularly, try to have an organic diet, I don't have erection problems although I need to watch my water intake if I don't want to get up in the night. My urine flow is variable but only gets very tight when I am forced to hold it for a longish while.

I'm getting to the point now! From reading everything on your site, I am very convinced by your arguments, felt that progesterone might well be very helpful so I have ordered some from you to see. I am assuming that if I have too much oestrogen, I will get quite a marked reaction and this will be a sign that the Natpro is necessary.

I will have to see how this goes but I am wondering how long I should take it before I stop and assume the correction to my hormonal balance?

All the best


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