Blood tests normal, but

by Mrs.C

I have just read R's message and I have been experiencing all those symptoms plus a few more! Recently I saw my doctor as almost overnight my breasts doubled in size! I always get mastitis but this symptom was new.

I am only 34 and it was thought I might be entering into menopause early. However, all the hormone tests were normal! Confusing!

Over the years I have had a few blood tests and all were normal! So my question is can you still have a deficiency even if your blood tests are normal?

The worst thing is the lack of libido! You know what it's like to know your own body is not working as well as it should, but be told everything is normal!

At my age my mother had a hysterectomy. I was also born with only one half of a thyroid which was discovered only last year and I have polycistic ovaries.

I did the questionnaire and scored 45. I'm hoping that in bearing all to you we can help each other. Many thanks in advance.

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Aug 21, 2009
Blood tests normal, but
by: Wray

I tend to ignore what the tests say, as they can only tell the amount of hormones present, not how we're feeling! The score of 45 tells me you are not feeling too good! Blood tests are not as accurate as saliva tests, and there is a range given for any one hormone. It could be you have high 'normal' oestrogen but low 'normal' progesterone, this will always result in adverse symptoms.

Progesterone is invariably low in PCO, so I'm surprised they said your levels were normal.
Please see this page on PCO.

The average age of menopause is 51, but peri-menopause can start 10 years earlier. And it's during P-M that our symptoms are worst. At 34 I feel it's a bit early for P-M, but you could be having anovulatory periods where you don't ovulate, this usually starts around age 35. This means you don't make any progesterone that month, which could account for the increase in breast size. Oestrogen and only oestrogen causes breasts to swell or grow. Progesterone counteracts this. Take care, Wray

Aug 23, 2009
In reply
by: Mrs C

Many thanks Wray, your comments were both interesting and useful. So I think I need to do the saliva test then! Finding out about this and knowing others are going through similar things has been enlightening!

Aug 28, 2009
Blood tests normal, but
by: Wray

Thanks! Glad it was of help.

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