Blood test ratio

by Mary
(North Carolina)

Also meant to ask: Would an ideal P:E ratio on a blood test be lower, since progesterone levels show up as much lower on a serum test than a saliva test?

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Jul 21, 2012
Probable dose to reach ideal ratio of 600:1 and Blood test ratio
by: Wray

Hi Mary The naturopath that runs the tests for us usually suggests amounts in the region of 100mg/day. She herself has a ratio of 800:1 which delights her. I think there's one thing you're forgetting, the amount of progesterone needed is dependant on symptoms, not on the amount. If symptoms are severe 100mg/day is not going to touch sides. I've found this over and over again, and in fact I'm currently trying to help a woman now who persists in using this amount, in spite of the continued adverse symptoms she's experiencing from excess oestrogen. I've found if very severe symptoms are experienced i.e. asthma, seizures, heart palpitations, PND, panic attacks, endo etc, 400-500mg/day or more are needed. Dr Dalton used levels of 400mg, 800mg, and up to 2400mg/day for her patients with post natal psychosis, see here. If high levels of oestrogen are present a great deal more progesterone is needed to overcome it. It's simple enough to reduce the amount once symptoms have calmed down or gone. Blood tests are lower than saliva tests, but the ratios should be unchanged. In fact I think it might be an advantage to have serum tests, then the doctor won't panic at the high level! We do have a page on Hormone Testing you can look through. Take care Wray

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