Bleeding after Menopause

by Cecilia Ortiz
(Espanola, NM, USA)

Hi -

Last February I stopped my period for what I thought would be that last and final time. Prior to that I had periods that would last over a week and were heavy. Lo and behold now in August 2018 I had a period, which was quite normal and lasted from Tuesday night to Saturday. My previous Paps have always been normal and had not had one for the past 4 years.

I have gone to my Dr. for a Pap and have scheduled to see a Gyno. Results of the Pap have not been received.

Is this something normal and can happen to anyone? What am I missing? What do I have an abundance of at this time? What should I look for?

Thank you.


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Sep 07, 2018
Bleeding after Menopause
by: Joy

Hi Cecilia

A missed period for 12 months puts a woman in Menopause. For some women a bleed or two can happen when in menopause and is nothing to worry about. Should the bleeding continue, please see your doctor.

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