Biote Pellets

by Ann

Hello! 5 years ago I began Biote pellets, over 2 years took 4 then stopped due to excessive hair loss. Hot flashes and insomnia came back about 6 mo ago. Desperate, I did another pellet 1 mo ago, dose recommended was 150 mg of testosterone, I asked for lower dose of 125 due to fear of hair loss again. Also prescribed 200 mg progesterone caplets at night. Hot flashes and insomnia improved. But 9 days in I began bleeding. I have been in menopause 12 years. Cramps, bleeding, what seemed like a period. Practitioner said this was very unusual, said I need a vaginal ultrasound. I found this website received cream yesterday. But before getting cream I tripled progesterone caplets. Bleeding better, now very erratic. I have normal range Vit D levels, been fine tuning that for a few years. Not sure what to do. Just cream until bleeding stops? From reading website I don’t think ultrasound necessary. I feel like it’s, of course, the estrogen. I had 12.5 mg estrogen in the pellet. I’m done with pellets forever!
Any advice is appreciated.

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Apr 18, 2022
Biote Pellets
by: Joy

Hi Ann

Pellets have been discussed many times on this website. Please read this post where Wray explains all about them and why we do not believe in them and why. Please read all the links and references provided.

Take care.

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