Bio-identical progesterone cream not working

by Tash

I have been using progesterone cream for 3 months now and have felt no change whatsoever in my health. Are there any possible reasons why this could be? Are there other ways you can take progesterone?

Another question I have is what does it mean to have high progesterone and estrogen levels? Blood work was done on day 21 if menstrual cycle.

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Aug 23, 2010
Progesterone cream
by: Anonymous

I thought the same thing. But at 5 months I started having great relief from hot flashes. I still use 120 mg to 200 mg per day of natural progesterone cream.

Now I don't wake up at night with night sweats and I very rarely have a hot flash - nor any other estrogen dominant symptoms.

Please have patience and don't ever quit using your natural progesterone. Increase the dosage if you need to.

Aug 24, 2010
Bio-identical progesterone cream not working
by: Wray

Hi Tash I would need more info to help you, but it seems as if the amount you're using is not enough. It should be between 100-200mg per day, the worse the symptoms, the more is needed. If you're using the normal recommended amount of 20-40mg/day then this is probably the reason it's not helped. As the woman who made the comment says she still uses between 120-200mg/day, and to persevere too. There are other ways you can get progesterone into the body, please see our web page on Progesterone application methods. I would have to know your levels to be able to advise whether in fact your levels are high. To feel well progesterone should be the dominant hormone, and the ratio to oestrogen should be well over 300:1, better still if it's over 600:1. To find the ratio you divide the progesterone result with the oestrogen result. If your cycle is 28 days, then day 21 is when blood should have been taken. But if your cycle is normally longer or shorter, then this would be incorrect. It should only be taken ±7 days after ovulation or before bleeding. The luteal phase is always 12-14 days in all women, and the peak progesterone level occurs in the middle. For more info please see the page on How to use progesterone cream. Take care Wray

Aug 26, 2010
Best way to measure
by: Anonymous

Please could you tell me how on earth you measure 100 - 200 mg per day?

I have never been good with maths and just can't get my head around how to measure it!

Aug 28, 2010
Best way to measure
by: Wray

Hi there It depends on the strength of the cream, just to add to the confusion! some examples....
Progest each ml contains 15mg progesterone so 100-200mg is 6.7ml to 13.4ml or 1 1/3tsp to 2 2/3tsp
Progensa each ml contains 20mg progesterone which is 5ml to 10ml or 1tsp to 2tsp
ProgesterAll each ml contains 16mg progesterone 6.25ml to 12.5 or 1 1/4tsp to 2 1/2tsp
Serenity each ml contains 21mg progesterone which is 4.8ml to 9.6ml or almost 1tsp to almost 2tsp
Natpro each ml contains 33.3mg progesterone which is 3ml to 6ml or 2/3tsp to 1 1/4tsp
It's best to use a ml measuring spoon initially, but the amount is not critical, symptoms are. So the worse the symptom the more progesterone is needed. Stress also drops progesterone levels so symptoms can come back. In which case use more cream. Take care Wray

May 07, 2013
by: carla

Hi my progesterone is 44 and my etradiol 544 and dht 2666 testosterone 0.9

May 08, 2013
by: Wray

Hi Carla I'm not sure what help you want. It seems your tests might have been done in nmol/L and pmol/L, as they are too high for ng/ml and pg/ml. Unless you're either using progesterone or you're pregnant? And DHT at 2666, that makes no sense at all. The range for 20-55 years is < or =300 pg/mL and for >55 years it's < or =128 pg/mL, see Mayo Clinic. Your testosterone is low whether you had a saliva or serum test done, which you don't say. Take care Wray

Sep 12, 2017
by: Anonymous

I had been using 300mg Progesterone compounded cream for many years. My integrative doctor told me to cut right back to 4% as my saliva Progesterone levels are way off the chart in the red!!

I am fatigued and cannot return to my usual weight of 57 kgs, now 65kgs. It's all stored in my fat cells now and so the theory of more and more is not right in my opinion and can make you sick. My estrogen levels are red and off the chart also. I eat healthy gf and chemical free diet.

Any opinions??

Sep 13, 2017
by: Joy

I can understand your weight gain. Compounded creams often come mixed with with parabens, chemicals, estrogen and or testosterone. No women needs to take these, is your cream organic or does it have estrogen mixed with it? 300mg is a good amount of progesterone provided it is organic and has the correct progesterone concentration, most compounded creams (OTC) ones don't.

You are suffering from Estrogen Dominance and unless progesterone is used correctly you will battle. Progesterone does not cause weight gain unless it is being used incorrectly. Estrogen is a mitogen causing fat cells to proliferate.

When you say that your progesterone and estrogen levels are off the chart, what exactly are they so that a ratio can be worked out? Or you can compare them to those stated on the Hormone Testing page.

Fatigue can also be due to Insulin Resistance and thyroid issues, have you been tested for these?

What is your Vitamin D3 level? A deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone. It is connected to every single functioning cells in our bodies making it vital. Co-factors are needed for the protocol to work correctly. Did your doctor or pharmacy not tell you this?

Please read these pages and the references as they will help you to understand how to use progesterone correctly and what is needed.

How to use Progesterone Cream -

Estrogen Dominance -

Vitamin D3 -

Magnesium -

Insuline Resistance -

Hormone Testing -

Jun 12, 2018
Help on Correct Dosage Please!
by: Anonymous

I need some help on dosage! My progesterone levels are at 26 pg/mL. The recommendation is 75-270 pg/mL according to my hormone test panel for Premenopausal luteal.

I have progesterone cream from a compound pharmacy. My doctor told me to apply "1 click" which is 1/2 ml on days 1-14. Then on days 14-28, apply "2 clicks" which is 1 ml.

Is this enough?

Thank you so much for your help!

Jun 14, 2018
Help on Correct Dosage Please!
by: Joy

I replied to this on another post that you made. Please refer to that.

Many thanks.

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