Bio-identical hormone replacement pellet therapy

by Cricket
(Tampa, FL, USA)

At 60, I recently discontinued a customized BHRT pellet implanted under my skin for estrogen and testosterone plus a nightly 200 mg sublingual progesterone troche dissolved daily under the tongue. Used this therapy for 3 years with quarterly blood tests to check hormone levels.

I decided to get off of it. I could not adjust the dosage of the pellet since it was implanted but as it was being used up, I adjusted down the progesterone troche dosage.

Menopausal symptoms were manageable until now. Started eating foods for estrogen and using 50 mg per day of progesterone cream. Now I have very heavy bleeding, gaining weight around mid-section. Do I need more progesterone to stop the bleeding?

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Apr 07, 2015
by: Diane

Orals and sublinguals are destroyed mostly in the gut therefore absorption is poor. Cream has much better absorption, but you are on far too low a dose. Recommended dose is 100mg-200mg P cream daily. I'm on 200-300mg. You may go through Oestrogen dominance until P becomes dominant. You may consider taking a supplement called DIM. The link is below. I take 100mg myself. It is excellent supplement for balancing Estrogen. Please read about it before you start.
Good luck,

Whole World Botanicals: DIM

Apr 15, 2015
Thank you
by: Cricket

Diane, you were right. My progesterone dose was too low. I increased it to 200mg/day like I used to take when on BHRT and I'm returning back to feeling great. Thank you for your comment. It was more helpful and effective than the advice I got from my doctor who clearly knows little about hormone therapy.

Oct 17, 2015
Oral Bioidentical Progesterone
by: Minnie Pauz

I wanted to add something to the statement that was made about oral bioidentical progesterone. I was taking the cream for a very long time--unable to get my levels high enough to a point where it was a therapeutic ratio with my estrogen levels. My physician suggested the progesterone capsule-(bioidentical of course). I was hesitant at first and asked him about the efficacy of the drug--the metabolites issue and the safety for the liver. He explained to me that studies on oral progesterone have come along way--it WAS thought that most of the P was destroyed in the liver and created these metabolites that were bad. But with studies over the years they have found that these metabolites are actually beneficial to the liver--not creating harm. So I decided to take it and would you believe my levels are UP and I feel alot better. So ladies please don't rule out oral bioidentical progesterone therapy--it worked for me and it could work for you.

Oct 23, 2015
Orals and bleeding
by: Diane

Hi Minnie~
It was explained to me this way by a BHRT internal medicine /hormone physician (an expert in treating with progesterone for 40 years) about orals and testing levels of progesterone in the blood:

"Oral progesterone goes into the GI tract and goes to the liver directly and is transformed into a different hormone called allopregnaneolone. This hormone will not block estrogen and will not prevent breast cancer.
The reason these doctors might think oral is superior to creams is because oral progesterone (allopregnanelone) is misinterpreted on lab tests as progesterone. Since it is not able to attach to progesterone receptor sites, the level in the blood stream is higher than with creams. Progesterone given through the skin very readily and quickly attaches to progesterone receptor sites. Once progesterone is attached, it cannot be measured. This gives the false impression that oral progesterone provides more progesterone."

Glad you are feeling better:) That is the ultimate goal we women going through peri menopause, menopause, post menopause have... Feel balanced and normal:)

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