Bio-idenical creams progesterone and testosterone

by Kimberly
(Piqua, Ohio)

I had a saliva test done about a month ago, Test showed adrenal fatigue and low testosterone at 92. My progesterone was also low and I have estrogen dominance.

Started using progesterone 100mg 1 a day for 12 days along with 1 mg of testosterone 1 x a day for 12 days, both of these are compounded together. Now I'm using 2 x a day. At first I felt better anxiety and panic attacks was much better, now I have the lump in my throat, I'm losing weight like big time, 5'4 @ 105lbs is too small. I can't keep the weight on at all, have been feeling nausea, migraines, some hot flashes never had before, feeling of flu like. Is this the testosterone causing this?

I also have noticed I can't seem to do anything anymore, like I'm really tired and depressed. I'm taking adrenal rebuilder and adrenal stress from Dr. Wilson and that seems to help but I'm still feeling overwhelmed. I'm in peri and I feel like I'm on a bad rollarcoaster ride. The pharmacist would like me to stay on the dose and need be reduce the T. Should I ask them to leave the T out all together?

I'm an emotional reck and feel tired of fighting with the way I have been feeling. I've been told 3 months I should start seeing a difference, not liking the way I feel. I do take xanax but was hoping to come off of them once the creams kick in but there kicking in, in the wrong direction.

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Jan 01, 2011
Bio-idenical creams progesterone and testosterone
by: Shari

I would get rid of the testosterone immediately. That is enough to make you crazy. If you are taking oral progesterone capsules, they don't give you enough of a dose. They have weird side effects and don't absorb well. 100mg of oral progesterone will keep you in a state of constant estrogen dominance rather than helping you. I've done it for many years and wondered why I wasn't getting better. Once I finally found this site and started taking a good dose of progesterone, I started to get better. Every symptom I have had for 11 years are finally improving.

Jan 02, 2011
Bio-idenical creams progesterone and testosterone
by: Wray

Hi Kimberly I don't believe any woman needs extra testosterone, and according to the ranges I have your testosterone is high. The ZRT reference range for women >30 is 16?47 pg/ml. Testosterone does increase fat burning, but it's not something I would recommend to women to try because of the side effects.... adult acne, oily skin, facial hair and loss of scalp hair. The other symptoms you are experiencing are due to progesterone initially ramping up oestrogen. For more on this please see our page on Oestrogen Dominance. I recommend 100-200mg/day progesterone only, dependant on symptoms. So the amount of progesterone you are using is fine, but please avoid the testosterone. Peri-menopause is a difficult time, please read through this page we have to get a better idea of what's occurring. You might like to read our page on Anxiety too, it explains how progesterone, plus a number of nutrients, can help. With the aid of these nutrients you should be able to come off the xanax. Adrenal stress is often helped by progesterone for two reasons. The adrenals first make progesterone which they then convert into cortisol, one of our stress hormones. If stress is high, the adrenals rob other sources of progesterone, notably ovarian. This affects our moods and more, as you are now in P-M with dropping progesterone levels, this will affect you adversely. The second reason it helps is the calming influence it has, more about this on the link I've given above. Take care Wray

Jan 03, 2011
Progesterone and Testonterone
by: Kim

Thanks Wray for the information, I did get the Testosterone out of my biodenical creams and now am only doing Progesterone compounded. After stopping the P and T, 2 days later i started my period again :( Had period on dec 11th and then again on december 30th :(. is this normal for this to happen, I noticed more panic also, can a person go into a transition stage for a period of time till there body gets use to the natural hormones? Kinda weird because before i started the creams my panic was gone just some anxiety now i'm having panic at times again, I can be sitting calm and all of a sudden a panic comes over me, tingling comes back, chest feels funny, feet start sweating, cold chills, head feels foggy or heavy feeling,dizzy uggg not liking that feeling. The pharmacist that compounds the cream said it could take some time to get regulated with your body and that your will feel like your going backwards but to hang on it will change and you feel better once the hormones are balanced. How long does it normally take to get back to normal for most woman?


Jan 09, 2011
Bio-idenical creams progesterone and testosterone
by: Wray

Hi Shari This is such good news. Thanks for telling us. Take care Wray

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