Big belly

by Ron
(Economy Borough, PA)

I'm a 59 year old male who has polycythemia. My legs and butt are small but I have a huge, hard belly that I can't lose. I have no ACL or MCL in one knee so I am unable to do any cardio like walking, elyptical, biking without it swelling and hurting. I eat healthy and no second helpings but do drink red wine and mixed drinks on the weekend. I used to get testosterone injections because my levels were only 100 but my hematologist won't allow it because of raising my hematacrits. Do you think progesterone would help me with getting rid of my gut?

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Sep 29, 2016
Big belly
by: Wray

Hi Ron I don't know anything about polycythemia, besides there seem to be many aspects and causes, but funnily enough progesterone could possibly help if the erythrocyte count is high due to chronically low oxygen levels. Women living at high altitude fare better than men, until they reach menopause when their progesterone levels drop…..
But whether it could help a large belly I don't know. This is generally due to excess visceral fat, which in women is due to excess testosterone. There's certainly no harm in trying it. I also suggest you look at your vitamin D levels, see……….

If you're concerned about your testosterone levels, please consider vitamin D which raises it, see……
There's more info here….

I don't know if you, like most of us, have been lead to believe whole wheat is 'good' for us, and should therefore be incorporated into a 'healthy' diet? Please take a look at Wheat Belly by Dr Davis…..

Take care Wray

Jun 13, 2018
intermittant fasting
by: Anonymous

If you cannot excercise...skip breakfast and all pasta, bread, rice, cookies, crackers, ice cream, fried foods.

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