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Hi I am a 49 yr old from Australia and have recently been told that I am perimenopausal. I am currently taking 150mg of DiM twice a day which I have started this morning and 150mg of Progesterone in Troche form twice a day also started this morning due to excessive stomach bloating and a combination of nausea and indigestion. I know that the relief won't happen straight away, but hope it happens real soon. The indigestion started after I had eaten a garlic chicken kiev and a potato bake that had Garlic in it. I am wondering if the Garlic may have set the indigestion off? I am feeling much better today after nearly seven days of the indigestion. I have also started using Apple Cider Vinegar to help with Indigestion as well. (Started this yesterday). I do feel much Better.I have a low appetite because of the indigestion, probably to scared to eat because of the indigestion. Last September I was diagnosed with uterine polyp (Apparently this is also an indicator of perimenopause) yay me! which will have to be removed. As a result of the polyp I developed iron deficiency anaemia which resulted in a Blood Transfusion. I have lost around 10kg in weight over the last 12 months not by choice, so I have probably had the polyp for a very long time, as I felt I had no energy.
after speaking with gynaecologist he requested Hormone tests which came back with results of 2.8 for progesterone and 93 for oestrogen, in which he said I have an oestrogen dominance, therefore explaining all the symptoms I have. ( interrupted sleep, anxiety, sweats ( in my case hot and cold), occasional night sweats, indigestion, irregular periods etc etc.


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Feb 02, 2017
Uterine polyp
by: Joellen

I was just reading your post and you have a similar situation than me. I have 2 fibroids and recently diagnosed with a large uterine polyp. I'm 45. What kind of relief did you eventually get?

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