Best way to taper down dosage after 3 months?

by Tessa
(Cincinnati, OH)

So I am coming up on the 3-month mark of taking 400mg of NatPro daily. I've been hanging on for dear life to get to this marker because financially it's killing me. I'm spending about $158 every few weeks. I DO feel like my symptoms have calmed way down so I really am ready to start lowering it, not just because of the cost. Anyhow, I'm wondering about the best approach.

I know you say to only lower by about 16mg at a time. How do I figure that out with the pump? I'm just used to knowing one pump is 50mg. And is that per day or per dose? I'm doing 200mg both morning and night. Do I lower both times or just one?

Also, my bigger question is if I want to get back to the half cycle usage - what do I do first? Do I keep taking it daily and lower it for a while before then taking the couple weeks off? If so, how do I know when to stop for the break? Or do I stay at the high dosage (400 mg) for a while but only taking it for the second half of the cycle?

I would really appreciate some help on the best way to do this so as to avoid a setback. Thanks so much!

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Dec 01, 2016
Best way to taper down dosage after 3 months?
by: Joy

Hi Tessa

I am a bit confused. You asked the same question on my own website. I emailed you my reply earlier today, did you not get my email? If not, please check your spam folder.

Dec 02, 2016
Best way to taper down dosage after 3 months?
by: Anonymous

Hi Joy can you please share link to your website as the answer to this question could benefit others who don't get reply from Wray here.

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