by Dawn

To begin I was talked into a partial hyst 23 years ago I was 26 8 years ago the ovaries came out. I was Never offered HRT the surgery was done and I was tossed out on my own. I was never educated and had no idea about any of this or I would have been here sooner. But the trouble really started badly when my ovaries came out and within a few months I was in trouble but didn't know it. I was put on Ativan 1mg a day for anxiety due to the death of two of my four children and migraines I've been on it for six years now I did a tapper off and was off for about three months but tragedy hit my family again and I am now back on. Here is my trouble. In the last five years my anxiety is through the roof and I know its due to some ptsd issues however I also suffer greatly with hot flashes, sweating, food allergies that I never had before, reactive hypoglycemia that came out of nowhere, severe migraines, trouble sleeping, exhaustion, fear, panic, 30 pound weight gain that came from nowhere as I don't eat badly due to the allergies??? Craving sweets and painful intercourse Are also amongst these and this is just the tip of it. I look awful I feel awful and Im am so sad and crying and I need help. I saw a doc and she told me I didn't need hormones women get along fine without them, well Im not getting along fine and I've tried to live without them and tried everything else and don't know what to do. Right after the ovary surgery I took black cohosh pills and that took away the hot flashes and night sweats but soon after taking I felt like I was pregnant with sore breasts and things so i stopped taking it thinking I guess the doc was right and I didn't need it. I see here after finding your information that dominance occurs and I am sure that is what happened to me. But now here I am with the problems becoming worse, and I want to take something to help and since my doc won't help me I am trying to help myself. I bought progesterone cream and black cohosh pills I was going to try them together. The pills are 40 mg but I was going to try 20 as I am so scared and the cream but I am also still taking ativan daily 1mg so can I use the cream with the ativan and herbs? Should I not use the herbs? What is the best course for me? I feel like I am going crazy but Im not I know its my body needing help I just don't know what to do and what is safe. Can you direct me?

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Aug 04, 2015
Beside Myself
by: Joy

Hi Dawn

I believe I have replied to your previous post under the name of Dixie Dawn.

Take care.

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