Bad side effects....Progeterone cream?

by Jo
(Dana Point ca)

Five years ago I was put on Natural Progesterone for bad PMS. I started out just using the cream. My doctor at the time, kept upping the dose eventually using pills as well. By the end of that year I decided to taper down due to costly bills as we were going to be hit by recession and was. I was still dosing with the cream. One day it hit me.. crash! I started experiencing shortness of breath climbing stair, heart palps, dizziness, felt like i was going to pass out felt like my brain was swelling. After a few trips to the emergency room and many, many tests. I decided never to take progesterone cream again. I took along time to feel right again. Eventually I had to go on birth control pills to stop my heavy menses. I was fine until they started making me feel crappy and bloated and decided to go off of the BC. My period came back with a vengeance. Very heavy! Tried going back on the natural progesterone again. I was given the lowest dose of pills. I felt great again only for a week... my libido, my mind everything perfect. Then here we go weird...apnea in my sleeep waking up gasping for breath along wit the day of anxiety,well being gone!Hard to explain... very tense, non functioning. I immediately stopped taking the pills.

My heavy bleeding was impossible to deal with. I finally decided to get a hysterectomy and keep my ovaries(no evident signs of menopause, even tough I'm 48) Before surgery I decide to try the cream my new doctor put me on. Same results felt great then back to uncomfortable side effects. its been 4 weeks after my non invasive hysterectomy and I was feeling fine...until PMS symptoms came back and the feeling of stress. I almost passed out,with ringing in my ears and then heart palps. It took me an hour to feel normal. I had to go to the emergency room a couple days later cause I thougth I was going to pass out again (dizzy). They said I was totally healthy sent me home with anti biotics possible sinus infection.. I'm am very active and healthy. Althiough I do like to drink wine at the end of my day. I also play competitive soccer. I went to the gym yesterday and I continued to get dizzy and faint. It feels so hormonal to me as if I'm going through withdrawals from the cream again. (last dose was a month and a half ago)
I really want to get my progesterone levels up but I cant keep going through this please advise!I'm scared to use it again.
Thank you...

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May 27, 2014
Bad side effects....Progeterone cream?
by: Jo

Hello Jo!
The most important thing everyone who can help you needs to know is how much progesterone you were using. Orally, will not do a thing for you and being processed in peanut oil I wouldn't touch it. Whose cream did you use and was it progesterone only or a combination of things? Come back to us and you will be able to get some answers from everyone. I am your age and suffered same thing over two years ago. The ER went one step further with me....they pumped me full of morphine to try and help the problems I was having. You've come to the right'll find your answers. God Bless! RJ

May 28, 2014
Bad side effects
by: Anonymous

I think you should look up peri menopause because your symptoms are identical to it. My guess is its not the cream.

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