Atopic Dermatitis

by Ricco
(Marikina City, Philippines)

I am a family medicine practitioner and into wellness and nutrition therapy as well as acupuncture. I was an asthmatic which I was able to heal with acupuncture.

I have also has been suffering from on and off moderate to severe eczema or atopic dermatitis. I have tried all the conventional Western treatment for atopic dermatitis which are composed mostly of steroids and antihistamines, I am taking GLA, omega 3, multivitamins and minerals, natural vitamin C, E, etc and I have also undergone acupuncture with some relief but still no permanent cure. It's the severe itch that has been bothering me constantly and initiates a vicious cycle of scratching making the the lesions worst.

I have been reading up of on natural progesterone therapy for quite some time and had been looking for a source of the product. There's none here in the Phlippines!

Can you help?

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Aug 19, 2009
Atopic Dermatitis
by: Wray

Hi Ricco. As you've found eczema is one of the most difficult conditions to treat and to find the cause of too. I know this from personal experience as I had it very severely. In fact it turned out there were two causes, a mild eczema which I eventually discovered was caused by the preservative sulphur dioxide and a very severe one caused by anger!

I now avoid all sulphur preservatives, unfortunately they are found in many foods, so my diet now is as organic and natural as possible. The very severe eczema also took time to unravel, the cause, well it was anger at the treatment given to women at the hands of the medical profession and was cured by a doctor practising Traditional Chinese Medicine. I was appalled by the apparent lack of concern, that the problem was 'all in their minds', plus the drugs and surgery meted out to these women without looking for the cause of the problem.

I have found over the years that stress is behind much of our woes, and by advising on nutrition, healing therapies such as you've tried, plus the healing nutrients like amino acids, vitamins, anti-oxidants etc. many of our woes can be alleviated without recourse to drugs or surgery. I am currently helping a woman via email with bad eczema on her stomach and one leg. She's now using an over the counter hydrocortisone cream for the itching, which she's found more effective than the stronger creams given by her doctor. She is also applying Natpro which is soothing and healing, capric/caprylic triglyceride (MCT oil) which is not only soothing, but kills candida. Being an opportunist pathogen I find it can be one cause of itching. She also uses a cysteine cream I make up. The itching, raw areas are beginning to heal. As the skin contains a high proportion of cysteine which is absorbed well I use it often for healing skin. Cysteine is a very powerful antioxidant, plus it also kills pathogens being a sulphur based amino acid. Take care, Wray

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