At a loss

I'm 44 years old and struggling with hormone issues for over a decade. I believe they actually started when I was a teen, but that's another story. In the past 8 years my symptoms had gotten worse and each doctor had the "here's a prescription" answer. Non of which worked. Although looking back, one doctor gave me natural progesterone cream w/o explaining it and by week 2 when I felt wirse, I stopped using it.

Fast forward to 18 months ago, new doctor put me on minestrin 24 to alleviate ovarian cysts and fibroids along with help to fix interior lining that was so thick he said it probably hadn't shed in years even with the heavy periods I had every 3 weeks.

12 months later, fibroids shrunk, cysts we're going and lining was healthy again. Still felt icky. In 3 years I'd gained 35 pounds and couldn't get them off. Dr. tried metformin, ndt (even with normal thyroid levels). Combined with weight training and cardio (not excessive) I stopped gaining but still couldn't drop excess fat.

Finally last month I gave up and stopped everything. Using only natural progesterone cream. After two weeks I feel a bit better. But now my nipples are very tender and breakthrough spotting is happening.

I use about 120-140mg per day in three doses. Weight hasn't budged. I eat very clean, 1500 calories give or take 100-200. Drink only water. Sleep 7-9 hours a night and have a pretty relaxed lifestyle so stress isn't a big factor.

My symptoms:
Weight gain (40 lbs) that won't come off - mainly thighs, hips, buttocks.
Facial / chin hair
Weepiness at little things
Fatigue mid afternoon.
Tender nipples
Low libido
Thinning hair
High cholesterol
Gained 10% body fat

High BP has come down to normal range since starting nat pro gest cream
I take 5000 iu of vit D
High quality multi

Any suggestions, feedback are appreciated.
My testosterone levels go up and down (between 21-63)
Last hormone test showed Est at 93 and Progest at .6
I go back again in a few months.
Thank you.

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