Artificial insemination, implant of fertilised egg no success in getting pregnant

by Margit

Hi wray,

I have started this new page as I writing for my sister in law. she has been tryIng to fall pregnant naturally since almost 4 years with no success, she then underwent some thorough tests and it proved that she had glued ovaries and fibroids, her menstruations would always be punctual but very heavy and long. after some minor surgery here overies were cleaned the fibroids taken out and she was told to try again,, yet no success, finally she went for artificial insemination ( after the sperm of her partner had been controlled) and also here no success, now a month ago she started with some heavy hormonal treatment in order to receive her artificially inseminated eggs. she had them inserted 15 days ago and sadly two days ago she did a pregnancy blood test and it came out again negative.
I have witnessed her health and state of mind for years and I can guarantee that she is suffering form serious estrogen dominance ( she is now 37y) and she always avoided the sun at all cost , convinced it would be bad for her skin , so you can imagine her vit d3 level. I asked here for her blood analysis which she had plenty of, i could not believe it but i did not find one analysis with both estrogene and progesterone done , just one with progesterone singulary, so i could not work out her ratio. yet she suffers form similar symptoms which i did , palps , anxiety, acne etc plus she had many fibroids , coming back.
nevermind I advised her many times to add supplements and change her diet,, she, they would not listen, they seemd to want to listen only to the traditional mainstream therapy... no guess what she is taking ? i aksed her to give me a detailed list , her it is :
ESTRADERM 50 MG PLASTER on every second day
EUTIROX 75 MG DAILY ( synthetic t4 )
DELTACORTENE 25 MG half tablette daily, this she takes as they have found elevated white blood counts.
she does take some cardioaspirin, to counteract possible blood clots, most propably because of a riks of it seeing the high amount of estrogene she takes!
while have the fertilised eggs inside, she took 50 mg of PRONTOGEST progesterone, in injection daily .
At this stage she is obviously frustrated and finally has agreed to listen to me,,, she will do a vit d3 level and i will convince here to check again the progesterone and estrogen level.
Have you got any advice for here??? how much progesterone should she take?? any supplements which further help fertility?
for now she has suspended the hormonal therapy but continues the folic acid , which is the only natural supplement which has been advised to her to take.
I would be more than thankful I also could get you insight on this. I am sure she has always been estrogene dominant to begin with and that this could bee the cause of her infertility.
Many thanks ,

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Mar 17, 2013
Artificial insemination, implant of fertilised egg no success in getting pregnant
by: Wray

Hi Margit Whew! What a cocktail of drugs, a large amount of oestrogen, why the thyroxine, and the prednisone too? Her poor white cells are probably trying to fight all the toxins she's been given! And the aspirin, as you say probably to counter the excess oestrogen to prevent clots! Fibroids are caused by oxidative stress, so large amounts of antioxidants are needed to reverse them. Removing them has not cured the problem, the oxidative stress is still there. The main antioxidant is of course is vitamin D, which does shrink them, see here, here, here and here. I'm pleased she's listened and is having a test done. Her doctors obviously don't know the latest research, but they've found that giving vitamin D to a woman undergoing IVF raises the chances of embryo implantation. Now how obvious is that, oh dear why don't they read the studies! Cells malfunction without vitamin D, see here and here. Get vitamin D levels up high and of course the chance of a natural conception would also be higher. Her reproductive cycle is hugely upset, giving a cocktail of drugs is just going to poison her further. And 50mg/day progesterone is just laughable. I hope they didn't put her on clomid to force ovulation? It increases the risk of cancer, see here, here and here. If she wants a healthy baby she needs to get her body into a healthy state. There's something which so few of us know about, and that's epigenetics, hardly surprising as it's a very new discipline. It means "altered gene expression without changes in DNA sequence". They've discovered from this that many of our adult diseases are in fact caused while still a foetus. It's lead to the term "the foetal origins of adult disease", see here. Continued below

Mar 17, 2013
Artificial insemination, implant of fertilised egg no success in getting pregnant Part 2
by: Wray

Hi Margit The foetus is so susceptible to changes in it's environment, ie a lack of the needed nutrients or toxins that could be present. A lack of vitamin D has a huge impact. In fact it appears to be behind Type 1 diabetes, heart disease, some cancers, epilepsy, behavioural disorders, autism and more. Excess oestrogen in pregnancy can cause foetal death, see here. Put 'estrogen excess' into 'find' and the passage will appear, it's a very long, very fascinating paper. Put 'elevation of glucocorticoids in maternal blood' into 'find', and it will take you to a passage which explains that high levels of cortisol in a pregnant woman "results in depression, eating disorders, anxiety, and age-related cognitive dysfunctions" in the offspring. With stress levels as high as they are now, it's hardly surprising that so many children being born have all these symptoms! A high level of testosterone causes miscarriages, but if it lives, it alters the way a girl child will develop. Conversely higher than normal oestrogen levels adversely affect a male child. A lack of taurine in the mother increases the risk of epilepsy in the child, and causes the foetal pancreas to be malformed, leading to potential insulin resistance and diabetes in the child. These are a few more papers, see here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. There's a video about epigenetics at the end of our Pregnancy page. Please ask her to look through the page too, there are also two excellent videos on vitamin D, pregnancy and breast feeding. Continued below

Mar 17, 2013
Artificial insemination, implant of fertilised egg no success in getting pregnant Part 3
by: Wray

Hi Margit Folic acid (folate) is good but it can mask a vitamin B12 deficiency. High folic acid and low B12 lead to insulin resistance and diabetes, see here. She needs to take very large amounts of antioxidants, far higher than you'd get in capsules, to reduce the Inflammation and help heal her body. Plus of course the vitamin D, and the progesterone at least 200mg/day, probably more, but you can guide her. It's often a lack of this which leads to a disruption in the reproductive system. For instance Stress stops ovulation, so no progesterone is made. Her body is hugely stressed, hence her difficulty in falling pregnant. It wouldn't surprise me to find all her troubles developed because her mother had insufficient vitamin D while pregnant with her. I'd better stop! Take care Wray

Mar 17, 2013
many thanks
by: Margit

hi wray,

wow this is great information, i could have read more if you would have carried on ;)...
as i suspected you said she is taking a cocktail of toxins,,,:( to make matters only worse,,, i am sure her fertilised eggs did not attach to her uterus wall because of all the oxidative stress,,, i will try my best to get her to rev up her immune system and give her the chance to heal completely. luckily she did not resume her job , which is a nurse in a very busy hospital, so she can get a chance to reduce any stress.
i really hope she will listen to me,, as you might guess people here are mostly closed up to a natural healing treatment,,, especially as she is a qualified nurse,,,, only knowing medicines and not supplements , nevermind the vit d3 ,,, puhh that will be a tough nut to crack , but worth the try!!! the other day i met a lady who told me that since 30 years she suffered form terrible anxiety attacks coming out of the blue. knowing that she has a daughter i asked her if she was any better during pregnancy and she replied funny enough yes, but things got even worse after pregnancy. well you can guess what i replied to that ,, did you ever test your hormones e.g progesterone or did your doc ever consider it???? after my story she was more than willing to try progesterone,, well see what comes out of it, and by the way I have finally found an endocronologist whom i wrote my story,, he was complelety 100 % encouraging telling that i have done things right. that was really nice to hear:) funny enough he is actually a cousin of my husband and i never thought that he might be into this approach, but it turned out that he studied alot in america ,, so i guess he had some positive influence there ;)
i really am more than blessed that i found you and your site !!!
thanks again for your valuable information
yours sincerely,

Mar 18, 2013
many thanks
by: Wray

Hi Margit Bless you for the kind words! I do hope you can persuade her, she really needs to heal first before attempting falling pregnant. I know she's 37, but she should give it a 6 months break, it's the health of the child at stake here, not to mention her own! Clever of you to ask about how the anxious woman felt during pregnancy! Don't forget to ask her to have a vitamin D test done. A friend of mine in London phoned very excited. She's just helped her 13th woman to fall pregnant, after years of struggling. And you've probably guessed it, just progesterone and vitamin D! Although in the case of your sister in law she does need large amounts of the other antioxidants too. Wonderful news about the endo you found, that is encouraging. Let me know how you get on. Take care Wray

Apr 21, 2013
Results form vit d 3 test ...
by: Margit

hi wray
this time i am writing to you with regards to my sister in law;).. well i finally got her to take the vit d3 test especially as she wants to try the invitro insemination straight away again ( in about 10 days time). well i was quite shocked , but actually expected a low result,, her level is at 10 ng/ml ,,, . now the thing is she is determined to go through with the insemination in ten days time,, and i know that we have to get her level up fast,, how much can she take for these days?? 100 000 iu ? daily for a few days? then 10 000 iu for the following ?
please bear in mind that none of her doctors ever asked her to take that test she does not know that it could be maybe just the missing link in her infertility,,, well besides a high estrogen, which i suspect but they did not test for :(,,,, her prolactin is boderline at 22,5 ( 23 max considered high by lab).
i am amazed that she is dong relatively well physically with such a low vit d3 level,, but her blodd result also showed high white blood cell count , suspecting an infection,,,? for this she is give cortisone,,,
well if you could let me know about the amount of vit d3 ,, i would be very thankful..
whish you all the best!
p.s. my bleeding has thankfully decreased,,, still on the lemons and nac, ( almost 5000mg) and increased the progesterone by 100 mg...

Apr 22, 2013
Results from vit d 3 test ...
by: Wray

Hi Margit I do admire you for your persistence! But I'm shocked, although like you not surprised. How to get her to not go through the IVF, the chances of it succeeding are very slim. And if it does, what of the child. A lack of vitamin D in the mother leads to behavioural disorders, bipolar, schizophrenia, possibly autism and more. Plus it will be born with rickets. It could possibly develop Insulin Resistance and diabetes, plus epilepsy. Why would any mother wish that on her child. She might be doing well physically, but you gave a long list of problems she had when you first wrote. 100,000iu per day would be the only dose to get it up higher, but high enough? I don't know. And that's if you can persuade her to! The RDA is about 600iu, she'll balk at the idea of such a high dose, but try. Vitamin D is vital for her immune system, so again I'm not surprised she has a high white blood cell count. But do you have enough time to not only persuade her but to get the high dose vitamin D? I wonder if you should leave it this time round, and start after the IVF. But give it a try and let me know how it goes. I'm delighted the bleeding has decreased, that dose of NAC is good. Let me know when it stops and don't forget the taurine! Take care Wray

Jun 19, 2013
coming to Cape Town soon.
by: Margit

Hi Wray,
I am very happy to be in Cape TOwn soon. I will be arriving on the 25th and stay in Cape Town for 5 days.I really hope that we will be able to meet somehow. I know that you must be super busy!
I guess you still have my contact details ,let me know otherwise how I can contact you.
I wish you all the best!!! And hope to see you soon.

Wonderful! Is Wednesday ok for you? And where? Joy and I will be coming from Muizenberg side, and you from the north, somewhere in the middle? Take care Wray

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