Application of progesterone Cream

by MelissaW

I found progesterone cream to very helpful, a question I have without going into a long story...............I find using little dabs of progesterone throughout the day very helpful.......rather than just morning and night .is this acceptable?

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Jul 05, 2015
Application of Progesterone
by: Diane

Hi Melissa~ If applying P multiple times perday works best, that is perfectly acceptable... I would struggle applying more than 3 x per day because I would get distracted and forget. Im glad P is working well for you. It has single handedly transformed my peri meno experience from horrendous to so manageable. Progesterone cream 250-300mg, vitamin D 10,000iu, and iodine (i-throid) 12mg. are my musts every day:)
Take care:)

Jul 06, 2015
Application of progesterone cream
by: Joy

Hi MelissaW

Progesterone therapy helps with a multitude of health issues, so too does Vitamin D. In fact a deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone. It is always best for any individual to experiment with it as what suits one, may not suit another. If you find that using the cream more often and using less works for you, then that is fabulous. There are only two golden rules and they are, to NEVER use progesterone once a day and to use nothing less than 100mg per day.

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