Any side effects???

by Les

Hi,I’ve recently had two chemical pregnancies, one which happened last September and the other just last week. Both happened at the 5wk mark. As you can imagine, and I’m sure all of you are feeling, both my hubby and I are devastated. I’m 31 this year and we only started TTC end of last year.For about 3 years now, I’ve had pain in my right pelvic region together with severe bloating. I’ve had all sorts of tests done but the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong, apart from possible polycystic ovaries. I’ve been referred to a gyno, which I’m seeing on Wednesday but I’m afraid they won’t find anything.. I’ll push to get my progesterone tested.
If I do have progesterone deficiency, I’m eager to try the cream, however I’m a little worried about possible side effects? I’ve read on a couple of sites that over dosage can be harmful link attached. Has anybody had any severe side effects?

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Jan 18, 2016
Any side effects???
by: Joy

Hi Les

So sorry to hear about your MISCARRIAGES, please do a Google search on this website to find out more about it. Please also read the PREGNANCY and PCOS pages. Most of us are deficient in progesterone because we suffer from ESTROGEN DOMINANCE, supplementation is vital. The side effects that you are referring to would not be caused from progesterone, which is one of many MISCONCEPTIONS about progesterone, they are in fact caused by excess estrogen.

I read some of the bmj article and stopped when I got the Dr John Lee and his recommended dose. Unfortunately for the person who wrote the article, she took his advice resulting in adverse symptoms. Nothing less than 100-200mg progesterone should be used, more if symptoms are severe. Using anything less merely upsets the estrogen receptors. Whilst the late Dr John Lee was extremely knowledgeable when it came to progesterone, he was way off with the amount to use. If progesterone is not used correctly it will not work, HOW TO USE PROGESTERONE CREAM will explain this.

Hope this helps.

Jan 19, 2016
Frustrated (a lil TMI)
by: Les

Thanks Joy,
I went to the obg/gyno today and she wasn't much help at all. She suggested that I need to do a laparoscopy due to the pain I have in my right pelvic region. She said we may or may not find anything but at least we'll know if it’s a 'nerve twitch'. I was so frustrated. I said "so what you are telling me is, there are no other tests we can do before an invasive surgery" and she said that she doesn't suggest I do anything else. At this point I got even more frustrated. I told her that I've been reading online about certain hormonal deficiencies and she said that unless the website is written by a medical personnel, not to pay too much attention to it.
I had to really push her to give me some blood tests, but in the end I am not even sure what she tested. I asked her if I need to get the tests done at a certain time of my cycle (because I am still on my monthly) and she said noooo today is fine. I feel that I got nowhere with her.

Jan 21, 2016
Frustrated (a lil TMI)
by: Joy

Hi Les

You know what I have found since progesterone has become a part of my life, is that more and more medical professionals will not offer good honest advice when they hear the word PROGESTERONE, so sad really, I mean isn't their job supposed to be to help people?

Perhaps a Laparoscopy is a good idea so that you can put you mind to rest once and for all. Only you can decided what is best for you, trust your instinct. Her reply indicates to me that she has absolutely no idea at all. Perhaps you should refer her to this website, she may educate herself. The same applies to doctors not wanting to do blood tests as requested, why, because the results will tell a story. If you do get your results, please let me see them. If not you can always order then online, via The Birmingham Hospital or ZRT Labs ttps://

Good luck.

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