Anxiety attacks at night

by Jacki Smart

I'm 45, and live an organic natural life, as rustic and stress free as possible. For the past couple of years I've been having anxiety attacks at night, flushes and sweats. In the past few months these have got progressively worse, and I've also been experiencing severe mood swings becoming exceptionally tearfull and depressed (these bouts only lasting for ten to fifteen minutes... but occuring with no warning or control).

On the advice of friends I started taking Solga PM Phytogen, Black Cohosh and Valerian supplements. My GP put me on antidepressants and sleeping tablets, neither of which I am taking! I had to really insist on a blood test being performed, which indicated my progesterone levels were low (as did your questionnaire, I scored 49). My GP has prescribed progesterone capsules to be taken daily, without a break.

Question... My periods are still fairly regular, although varying in duration and severity. Should I be using the progesterone capsules all the time? And once the cream I have ordered from you arrives, can I use it at the same time as the capsules? Is it a good idea to continue using the PM Phytogen as well? (My symptoms were such hell, I was prepared to try ANYTHING).

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Oct 06, 2009
Anxiety attacks at night
by: Wray

Hi Jacki. Your life sounds idyllic! Your symptoms sound very like peri-menopause to me, and even a rustic, stress free life does not always prevent this, but would certainly help. I'm relieved you're not taking the anti-depressants etc, they cure the symptoms (sometimes!) but not the cause.

The herbs can help, but if as I suspect you lack progesterone, they will not supply this, but can be taken at the same time as the progesterone. I've no experience in using the capsules daily, only the cream, but it would not harm to do so. Please bear in mind that oral progesterone is mostly destroyed by the gut and liver. I'd be interested to learn if they help taken daily! And by all means take them whilst using the cream. As you have severe symptoms, I would recommend using the progesterone cream daily until they have passed. Once they have you can regulate your cycle again, using the progesterone following your cycle.

You will notice about 1-2 years before menopause your cycle will become very disrupted and no amount of progesterone will regulate it again. Please see this web page on P-M.

You might also like to read this web page on anxiety. Take care, Wray

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