Anemia and Heavy bleeding...until I found a natural solution!

by kara
(seattle, wa usa)

I just want you to know that I sympathize with all you women who have had heavy bleeding and flooding because I have had this problem too for the last 5 years. I had to have an emergency blood transfusion because I lost so much blood. It was just recently when I got checked out by a medical doctor that I found out I had a medium sized fibroid, which they say was causing the flooding, and of course prescribed the drug progestin. DO NOT TAKE PROGESTIN. I started on my quest for an answer to my health problem and was determined NOT to go the medical doctor's way which is always some kind of procedure and drug. I started my research pretty early on with finding a couple of websites which also referenced my problem and was convinced my hormones were out of whack mainly because my symptoms mimicked ESTROGEN DOMINANCE. I have been using roughly 200 mg or more of natural progesterone (not made from YAM) every day for the past 6 months, also I have been taking DIMPRO Estrogen Metabolism which works really good for me, as well as Vitalizym (systematic enzymes that break down the fibroid, supplementing with SSS Tonic iron (the only liquid iron you should be taking that fights anemia – DOCTORS WHY DON’T YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS?), and lastly Liquid B Vitamin supplements. My last two periods have been normal - not heavy at all and how relieved I am !!! Please try to follow the advice that I give here and heal yourself naturally (even if it takes 6 mos. like me). It’s so worth it. No hysterectomy!!!

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