An Australian Experience

by Maree

Unlike the USA, bio-identical hormones are only available through a doctor's prescription. It is also difficult to find a medical practitioner who works in this area, and consultations are mostly very expensive. So here is my story. I am post-menopausal, and was severely depressed and suicidal through being in an emotionally abusive relationship, moving cities, having little work and no place to call home. I felt challenged in so many ways, and cried for 3 years. I thought that bio-identical hormones would help me achieve some clarity and rebuild my self esteem.
Doctor #1 gave me Progesterone, Estrogen and Testosterone all in one cream. I am a small person, but this combination stacked on the weight, a 'spare tyre' around the middle (I am a big walker and eat healthy food). She said this was because of testosterone. Get used to it, she said. Doctor #2 removed testosterone, and prescribed separate creams. The weight didn't budge. In fact, when I was taken off Progesterone cream and put on to the capsules, I stacked on even more. I think the capsules are ineffective because they go via the liver. I decided to wean myself off of both. And then I came across your website. What a breath of fresh air. Here were women who were in the same boat as me, and I liked the depth of experience and knowledge that Wray brought to her responses to all of us troubled souls. What I now understand (correct me if I am wrong) is that it is only Progesterone that I need, at 200mg or more. I am looking forward to purchasing Natpro from you as soon as your stocks are replenished. I know it is not going to cure my broken heart - only time can do that - but I do hope it will give me back a sense of my own power and ability to act. And shift this weight!

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Nov 18, 2013
An Australian Experience
by: Wray

Hi Maree Thanks for the kind words about the site. As you’ve gathered I don’t believe we need more oestrogen or testosterone. At least your doctor acknowledged this last caused the abdominal weight gain, see here and here. Plus the fact the menopausal ovary is an androgen producing organ, see here and here. But to tell you to stick it out…..huh? You are 100% right about oral progesterone, it’s the least effective Delivery system, "The liver and gut region removed a mean of 96 per cent of the progesterone entering these tissues", see here. I have found, as have many women, that if symptoms are severe far more progesterone is needed than the customary 20-40mg/day. Blood tests often discern little to no oestrogen in a menopausal woman, due to the fact they only check for oestradiol, the pre-menopause oestrogen, and not oestrone the menopause oestrogen. So your results don’t surprise me. We do have a page on Hormone Testing you could look through. I’m sorry about the broken heart, progesterone won’t heal that as you say, but it does soothe and calm us down, which helps us have a different perspective on things. I’m sorry about the stock outs, we’ve been having a few recently. In spite of making a double batch last month, another double this month, plus we’re doubling up next month, we don’t seem to be making much headway. We do have a woman in Australia who bought far more than her requirements. If you could fill in the form we have here, giving your email address, I can put you in touch with her. Please don’t forget to read our page on Oestrogen Dominance, it can come out of the blue. Take care Wray

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