by Amy
(Bakersfield, cailf)

Uterine polyps removed 2 months ago, age 53, went 2 months no period and then the bleeding returned, at first I though it was a period and now I am on day 13 bleeding. lightly now.
I see doc next month and and fearing having to go back and have her diagnose polyps have to return and need to have them removed. she is hesitant to add hormones at this time and my GP is against hormone therapy concerned about it encouraging breast cancer. I will listen to the specialist obgyn and see what she suggests, she did mention a cream might be needed.
She does not want to remove the uterus unless absolutely necessary. I have low libido, and not as much energy as I once had. Still walk 3 miles daily. No more jogging. I have a benign cyst on one ovary,not sure if that can contribute to issues. This getting older thing is not all it is cracked up to be.

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Jan 31, 2014
Uterine Polyps
by: Anonymous

Hi Amy

You are so right, getting older can be a challenge but it need not be! At 53 your are in peri-enopause heading towards menopause. Peri-menopause is a difficult time for most women with irregular bleeding, clotting, heaving bleeding. All your symptoms are so typical at this stage.

You are fortunate to have a GP who does not want to prescribe HRT, most do without giving a thought to side effects one of them being breast cancer. All drug based HRT has a potential to cause harm - see here. I don't believe you need a hysterectomy either, so stick with your GP's advise. The cream that she mentions is a progesterone cream and it is perfect safe to insert in the vagina, but do so at night as it can become rather messy.

It is most important that the correct progesterone cream is used as using one that does not contain the correct amount of progesterone concentration causes terrible adverse symptoms, please read Estrogen Dominance and read up on this cream.

An endometrial polyp or uterine polyp is a mass in the inner lining of the uterus caused by excess estrogen.

Estrogen and only estrogen can cause cells to divide and multiply. This is the only reason the lining of our uterus builds up each month. Even after menopause we are still making estrogen, as our fat cells are a source. No matter how many or few we have! Every month our uterine lining builds up, and just prior to our periods, progesterone levels drop sharply. This enables MMP's, enzymes that break down protein, to break down the lining. But once in menopause, particularly 10 years into it, the messages sent between the uterus, hypothalamus, pituitary and then back to the uterus stop. Progesterone will suppress the estrogen that's causing the lining to grow. The amount of progesterone normally recommended is 100mg/3ml to 200mg/6ml per day. More maybe needed so you will have to experiment with the amount.

Another important point I must mention is Vitamin D, do you know what your level is as a deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone. It is connected to every single cell in our bodies making it vital.

Hope this helps you.

Feb 01, 2014
Uterine Polyps
by: Joy

Hi Amy

Apologies, the above post is from me, Joy.

Take care.

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