Amounts of ProgeserALL and Serenity Progesterone Cream + Natpro out of stock, what now?

by Liesje

Dear Wray,

First I would like you to thank you for the treasure of information I could find on your site in regards to progesterone and hormone treatments in general. I am truly grateful for the effort you put in answering everybody’s questions.

After having read many posts on the forums, I still have a few questions. I’ve been trying to purchase Natpro but since you are out of stock I’ve purchased ProgesterALL instead (by Dr. Lee). I’ve read on the forums that you suggest using double the amount of this cream (considering its lower % of progesterone). It says in the ProgesterALL instructions that 4 dots (already difficult to estimate dot size accurately) equals 20mg (I couldn’t find any info on the percentage of progesterone in this cream). I’ve been using about 20 dots daily to get to my 100 mg. This is already difficult because I’m supposed to alternate the location to avoid saturation (their suggestion). I don’t have enough skin available to alternate this amount (I rub it on my neck, chest and innerarms, mornings and evenings). In any case, do you suggest I use more than 20 dots of ProgesterALL?

I’ve also checked Serenity Progesterone Cream, which I read about on the Natpro page (I can purchase it in the UK which is much cheaper for me – I live in Belgium). The percentage of this cream is 2.34% and 1/8 of a teaspoon is 14mg. How much of this cream should I apply to get my 100mg? I would suspect about 1 teaspoon? Is this correct considering the Progesterone percentage?

In regards to Natpro being out of stock; what’s my best bet to get my hands on some? I’ve been checking the site daily but no luck. Can I pre-order/pre-pay some tubes? I know I’m not the only one who is desperate to get some Natpro. Maybe if people were able to pre-order and pre-pay their Natpro, they would not have to check daily to place an order and it might solve the cashflow problem you’ve mentioned in a few posts. I’m not sure if people would go for it, but I certainly would. That way I would be certain that my order is going to come through once the Natpro is available. It’s just a thought.

PS English is not my native tongue, so please excuse any language errors.

Thanks again for all the wonderful energy you invest in helping others!


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Oct 11, 2013
Amounts of ProgeserALL and Serenity Progesterone Cream + Natpro out of stock, what now?
by: Wray

Hi Liesje Bless you for the kind words, you have read the site thoroughly! Your English is perfect, far better than some who's native language it is! ProgesterAll is a good cream, but it's half the strength, i.e. 1.6%, or 16mg/ml of cream. So to get 100mg you would need to use 6.25ml of cream. The Serenity contains 23mg/ml of cream so you'd need 4.3ml of cream. Pre-ordering is a good idea, and we did have it as an option. But it seemed it wasn't used, so we took it off the site. Cash flow is always a problem when trying to build stock, thanks so much for your thoughts about this. But we have managed somehow to get enough to double our last batch of cream, and we're doubling this months batch and next months. This should cover the demand. But to get hold of Natpro, we do have a distributor in the UK who carries stock. Please contact Julienne via her website here. She can also give advice on using it, plus advice on vitamin D, which she also has stock of. Thanks so much for your support. Take care Wray

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