American derived natural progesterone as opposed to the Japanese

by Dawn

Dear Wray, Thank you for taking your time and trouble to reply to my question. I am going to try glutamine tonight!

Reading one of the entries on your site, a lady said she had been using Pro-Gest and felt much better. I telephoned the company who explained that they use american derived natural progesterone as opposed to the japanese, due to contamination issues. Could you comment on this, and explain the difference between your cream and theirs?

I have ordered some natpro today. Also, do you have a trade section as I am in the industry and if I have success with natpro I would possibly be interested in ordering some for sale in my shop. Is there a way to e-mail you in confidence and privacy rather than in this public domain? Thank you.

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Mar 24, 2011
American derived natural progesterone as opposed to the Japanese
by: Wray

Hi Dawn Do let me know if the glutamine works for you, I've just suggested it to two others today. We also use progesterone from an American company. I've not heard of contamination from Japanese stock, but have from China. We also have Saliva Tests run regularly by a naturopath in the UK, which shows two things. That there is progesterone in the cream and not a progestin! And that's it's absorbed very well too, the level rises sharply after only a month of use. The naturopath has been prescribing our cream now for 15 years and is always delighted with the response from her patients. From these results and how the women respond, we realise to feel well the ratio of progesterone to oestrogen should be 600:1 and over. The main difference between the two creams is strength. Ours contains 33.3mg/g cream and the Pro-Gest is 15mg/g, or half the amount. And I agree with you, please send an email via the form you'll find on this page here. You'll get through to my brother who does the web site, I spend my time giving info! But if you ask to be put through to me too, he will. Take care Wray

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