Am I using too little?

by Maddy


I am feeling pretty hopeless at this point. I am 21 and over a year ago I lost my period and gained 20 pounds within 4 four weeks despite extremely healthy diet (no gluten, sugar, dairy)
and exercising at least 5 days a week. I tried even harder to lose the weight, and I gained 5 pounds. It never comes off. I got a hormone test and found that I have .1 progesterone levels. So I began using natural progesterone cream, I started off with the lowest dosage, 1/16 tsp. twice a day For months: nothing. So, I read that too little causes symptoms to worsen, so I upped to the highest recommended dosage which is 1/8 tsp. twice a day My period arrived 3 days later! I thought that this was the beginning of the end of this horrible journey.

Then I realized that my clothes were tighter. And now I'm up another 5 pounds just 1 week later. My water retention which was already bad is getting worse. I came across this forum and I am getting mixed answers as to the dosage I should be taking,

I did read the guidelines on this website but I am still unclear, I need to know the exact amount I should be taking.

Can someone tell me how much they were taking and when they started losing weight?

I am so tired of waiting, I thought I would have figured this out a year ago.

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Apr 22, 2015
Weight gain
by: Diane

You are very estrogen dominant. Have you had a good gynecological check up? Ruled out PCOS? You are only 21 so maybe you should see a good (use Yelp) functional medicine MD who works with hormones. Not your mainstream doctor... You should read through the site about how to use progesterone if your cycling.
I don't know what dose measured in tsp means. But you should be using minimum of 100-200mg daily and maybe more...I am on P cream 250 to 300mg daily. Generally speaking, day one is the first day of your period. If you have a 28 day cycle,you can start using P around day 13 through until you start your period. That would now be day one of your cycle again and stop using P until day 13 again. It may take a few months to get regulated. You may have breakthrough bleed. If it's just light spotting, continue to use P but if full period starts in mid month then stop P, that is now considered day one, allow bleed to happen and take P on day 13 again. Hopefully, you will regulate to a 28 (+ or - a few days..every women's cycle is different) Don't dispair... It will get betterđź’• Read about Oestrogen Dominance, how to use Progesterone....educate yourself. Find yourself a really good functional medicine MD or DO doctor with good reviews and hopefully they will understand how to properly dose you.
Keep us posted

Apr 23, 2015
Bio-Identical Doctors
by: Cecile

I can so relate to your symptoms. I know how frustrated you feel and at 21, you shouldn't be going through this. No worries, there's light at the end of the tunnel!

The two websites below are excellent in finding a doctor that practices functional/alternative medicine and Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, BHRT in the U.S.


If you are outside the U.S. I believe Women's International Pharmacy may be able to help you.


Wishing you all the best!

Apr 23, 2015
Bio-Identical Doctors
by: Cecilia

Hello Maddy. Thought I posted this earlier, but I guess I made a mistake. Anyway, I am re-sending my previous message in case it wasn't posted.

You really need to see a doctor that practices Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) and not self-medicate or go to a "conventional" doctor. Conventional medicine frowns upon BHRT because they cannot put a patent on any of the hormones because these are all NATURAL. And it is not good to research online and then order hormones. A BHRT doctor will study your hormone levels and prescribe the right dose your body needs. These hormones are then created by a compounding pharmacy based on your doctor's prescriptions. I promise if you go through this process, you will feel so much better!

That being said, I'd like to suggest you try the following two websites:

1. Women's International Pharmacy - they have a referral service. They will send you an information packet on BHRT and a list of doctors' names in your area.


2. Bio-Identical Doctors - similar to the above, but you can actually access the doctor's website. I found my doctor through this website and I'm very happy with him.


Okay, hope this helps you my dear. I am 55 and I know how frustrating it is for someone as young as yourself to experience this. Do know, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Do not give up...

Apr 24, 2015
Bio-identical Doctors
by: Diane

Maddy~ I agree THAT ideally you should be under the care of a integrative/functional medicine doctor. But be aware... They are popping up all over claiming to be experts at BHRT. Maddy, I suggest you download or purchase Dr. Micheal Platt, MD book titled, THE MIRACLE OF BIOIDENTICAL HORMONES and read it thoroughly. It is so informative and is the conservative approach to BHRT especially with RXing estrogen and in which form. This website recommends his book as well. He advocates just as this website that a minimum of 100-200mg of progesterone is in order. Too many doctors, including supposed functional medicine experts dose progesterone FAR TOO LOW exposing them to Estrogen dominance symptoms. Other doctors are exposing women to too much estrogen in the most agressive form called Estradiol, with too low a dose of progesterone to protect their breasts and reproductive organs or RXing oral and sublingual form of Progesterone which the absorption is barely is 10% because its destroyed in the gut. Please read Dr Platt's book because it will sufficiently arm you with very pertinent information. It gives you a comprehensive overview on hormones and their role in our well being. I constantly refer back to it.
I wish you luck and please dont hesitate to ask questions here on this forum. There are some very knowledgable people here who can steer you in the right direction to optimize your well being.

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