Am I using the cream correctly?

by Lindsay

I have used Natpro last year to eleviate anxiety and bad sleep, which I thought started to work ok though my memory is a little faded. I was having so much on and off anxiety etc that its difficult to tell. I also have a history of endometriosis and post natal depression/anxiety. I had 3 miscarriages in the last half of the year, the most recent in december when I had to stop using the cream until I determined where I was in my cycle.

I have been applying approx 1 teaspoon each day, since January after ovulation, initially more than this as I used it twice each day. I am finding that the first half of the month I don't experience much anxiety and my mood is good but as soon as I start using the cream mid month the anxiety starts again along with hot flushes and I see an immediate change in my emotional state and feel as I have permanant pmt.The anxiety and heat always early morning and through the night. I put this down to activating the estrogen receptors, but how long will this continue? I have stopped applying on an evening now as I fear the anxiety in the night. Maybe I am using too much? Or perhaps am not in need of progesterone cream at all?

I should also mention that I don't measure too accurately or know exactly when I have finished ovulating, does this have to be exact? I know I apply 3-5ml of cream at a time and with 3 days of ovulating each month.

Many thanks.

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Apr 29, 2011
Am I using the cream correctly?
by: Wray

Hi Lindsay It appears that stopping and starting the cream is exacerbating the symptoms. In other words each month you are experiencing oestrogen dominance. It might be an idea to use it daily for 2-3 months to prevent this occurring, which will increase your progesterone level. We've found from Saliva Tests we run that the ratio of progesterone to oestrogen should be 600:1 and over to feel well. Miscarriages are often due to low progesterone levels, provided a genetic problem is not present. Please see our page on Pregnancy for more info. Endometriosis is a sign of inflammation, progesterone does help, but I've found 500mg/day is needed to stop the pain. It's also very helpful for post natal depression, Dr Dalton would use up to 2400mg/day for her patients with post natal psychosis. Progesterone drops sharply after a birth or miscarriage, causing depression ranging from the baby blues to post natal psychosis. Serotonin drops too, we do have more info about this on our Anxiety page. The page gives a list of nutrients which all help anxiety/depression, you might consider taking them. But above all please have a vitamin D test done. You live in the UK, which gets little sun, levels are very low there, see here, here, here, here, here and here. Vitamin D is vital for a successful pregnancy, for the growing foetus and to prevent depression, see this excellent video here. I believe your progesterone level is very low, and that you do need it. But evidently the amount you are using is not enough. Please consider increasing it, but please read this page on Oestrogen Dominance first, as it can occur. Take care Wray

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