Am I using enough, and do I keep applying?

by Elizabeth
(Brentwood Essex UK)

Dear Wray,
My two questions are - the "pea size" amount that I am applying means that the jar will last me longer than 3 months, I am obviously not putting enough on? Can I put too much on? Also, I started applying the cream on the day 14 of my cycle and I have now past the day 28, do I keep on applying the cream until my period comes?

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Sep 18, 2007
This is my question as well
by: Tania

Hi I'm Tania and also started using my cream yesterday.

My period should have started this weekend 21/9/07 but began last night. I would like to know do I stop with the cream until day 14 now or should I still apply.

I'm not sure because my hormones are totally up and down, and my period always a bit earlier than the previous month. How do I know when day 14 really is ?

Thanks for your reply.

Sep 21, 2007
Using enough
by: Wray

Dear Liz, It seems you're using a brand other than Natpro as it comes in a tube and we don't recommend a 'pea size' amount. But 100-200mg/day progesterone equates to 3-6ml/Natpro per day.

So judging by the amount you are using I would say not nearly enough! All the successful studies on progesterone have used between 100-200mg/day, the unsuccessful ones have used what the medical profession refer to as a physiological dose, between 20-40mg/day. This will only raise progesterone levels to that found in the follicular phase, which will have no affect at all!

To precipitate a period the progesterone level needs to drop sharply, using a pea size amount won't cause that to happen. If you have a 28 day cycle, then you should start using the cream on day fourteen, but our cycles vary considerably. The cream should be started 14 days before the next period starts. That is the length of the luteal phase.

And no you can't put on too much. Depending on the problem the daily dose can go as high as 2500mg. If you could let me know the strength of the cream you are using I can help more. Take care Wray

Oct 20, 2007
How much progesterone to use
by: Wray

Hi Tania, I've only just seen this and of course my answer will be too late for you. Hopefully it will still help.

Our cycles can vary from as little as twenty one days to as long as thirty six. The average being twenty eight days. This is the reason that the manufacturers of The Pill and HRT pack their product in twenty eight day cycles.

The following guide is also based on 28 days, but please bear in mind that if your cycle is longer or shorter, try to follow that, rather than the average.

To give you some idea, all women, irrespective of the length of their cycle, should start ovulating fourteen days before they start bleeding again*. So start using the cream either at ovulation, if you know when it happens, or fourteen days before your period is due, you will have to work back from your last period, to find the correct date.

There are some women who have what is known as a defective luteal phase, which means that they start bleeding again before the fourteen days are up. If this is the case, using progesterone and the guide below, should help to lengthen it. A defective luteal phase is often the cause of a miscarriage.

Following the guide below usually stops the food and alcohol cravings, depression, tiredness and anger that occur just prior to bleeding.

Please be aware that bleeding could be heavier for the first one to two months. Donâ??t be alarmed, as itâ??s the progesterone cleaning out the lining that has built up in the uterus. If spotting should occur continue using the cream. If a full period should occur early, discontinue the cream counting the first day of bleeding as day one.

Start using the cream again following the guide below. Please continue with this method for about three months or until bleeding has returned to normal. Thereafter the cream can be used with the normal dose of 2-3ml/day for the last fourteen days of the cycle.

A twenty one day cycle Ovulation should occur on day seven
A twenty eight day cycle Ovulation should occur on day fourteen
A thirty six day cycle Ovulation should occur on day twenty one

Day 1 - 14 No cream
Day 15 - 17 1ml
Day 18 - 20 2ml
Day 21 - 22 3ml
Day 23 - 24 4ml
Day 25 - 26 6ml
Day 27 10ml
Day 28 15ml (remainder of tube)
Total 60ml

Nov 25, 2008
by: Anonymous

Will Progesterone give me back my once normal thicker hair growth ?

Nov 27, 2008
Am I using enough, and do I keep applying?
by: Wray

Hi Liz. Judging by the 'pea' size, you are using one of the weaker strength creams, about 1000mg/60g (2oz) container. If it lasts for 3 months and longer, it means you are probably only getting 20mg/day progesterone. From the hundreds of studies I've read, the successful ones all used between 100-200mg/day.

I've found this to be the case too, certainly if someone has severe symptoms, they need far more than the physiological dose of 20mg/day. As for putting too much on it's difficult with a cream, there's not enough body! For a boost I've used 500mg/day, but that was using a 10% strength and I ran out of space to put more on!

Emory University published the results of a successful 2006 study on TBI victims, which used an IV transfusion of progesterone at triple the strength women make during the last trimester of pregnancy. Interestingly 71% of the patients were men.

Initially progesterone can upset the cycle, please have a look at our web page on this:

You should stop the cream when your period is due and not continue, as this could prevent bleeding by keeping the progesterone level high. It's the drop which causes us to bleed. Incidentally you should only be using the cream from day 14 if you have a 28 day cycle, but it's all explained in the web page I've given you. Take care Wray

Jul 23, 2009
How much and how often
by: too hot for my own good

I'm 50 and have not had a period for 3 years. I'm fighting hot flashes, my hair is thining , I don't sleep well, I was taking MMS pro formula R 430 mg 3 times a day for the last 2 years and starting to become very depressed.

I was not ever really able to get the hormones balanced. I started The progestrone cream that is offered by Dr. Lee's site pea size amount twice a day. I feel as though my brain is a fog and having more hot flash and sweating more, my sleep is ok but not great as I really need it to be and my hair is still thining, dry eyes and skin.

I'm also treating a hypothyroid condition .75 levoxyl 1 a day and adrenal issues due to a 21 year marriage ending in divorce because my husband decided to cheat with a co worker long story short.

The adrenals are being treated with herbs to get them balanced. Help please.

Jul 26, 2009
How much and how often by: too hot for my own good
by: Wray

The pea sized amount you are using is not enough, it will only give you about 20mg/day. This is the amount our bodies' make during the luteal phase. Fine if there are no symptoms, but useless if there are. Please increase the amount until you are using between 100-200mg/day. Symptoms are the best judge as to how much is needed. It does take up to 3 months for the progesterone to take affect, so please be patient.

Many women get 'hypothyroid' problems when they reach peri-menopause/menopause, it's often the cause of the thyroid slowing down. So is insulin resistance, which occurs in P-M/M. A lack of vitamin D can cause it to slow so please have a vitamin D test. Stressed adrenals affect the thyroid, high parathyroid hormone, high insulin, high oestrogen too. I hope these were all checked. Take care, Wray

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