Allopregnanelone and Cancer protection

by Diane

Hi Wray~
In regards to allopregnanelone, one of my concerns with being on subl or orals and why I switched to creams is because orals and subl don't offer the same protection against breast and other female CA. My understanding and please let me know if I have the science confused is that subl and orals go through the gut and liver where it's transformed into allopregnanelone. This hormone dose not block estrogen and therefore not protect against breast Ca.
Bio P cream quickly attaches to P receptor sites. Does it also convert eventually to allopregnanelone too? I believe that transdermal offers the best delivery and protection against CA and don't believe the other routes do. But I am confused why cream does protect against CA and subl and orals don't. What are your thoughts? I Have so much to learn and am reading many of the recommended books. I've read and recommended Dr Platt's book and I ordered Dr Dalton's book on PMS (used copies off Amazon) and gave to sisters and friends.
Any feedback I'd greatly appreciated. Knowledge is power. I absolutely love this website and have directed many women here:)

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Oct 06, 2014
Allopregnanelone and Cancer protection
by: Wray

Hi Diane They don't offer the same protection because they are generally destroyed…"The liver and gut region removed a mean of 96 per cent of the progesterone entering these tissues", see here. But not because they are converted to allopregnanolone (THP). All progesterone is converted within minutes to several metabolites, in fact there are at least 10 different metabolites, not just THP. These papers might help, see here. here, here and here. There are so many more on progesterone metabolites but I don't have the time to give them all to you. If you put 'progesterone metabolites' into PubMed you will get 2233 papers, not all about progesterone itself, but some on progestins, see here. Happy reading! And thanks for telling others about the site. Take care Wray

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