Allergy Question

by Lynnsy

Hello, I have a question regarding Natpro. On your website it says that it is allergy free, but then in the list of ingredients it says that Cetearyl alcohol and Cetearyl glucoside both come from wheat. So if someone has a gluten allergy, would they not be able to take Natpro?

note from webmaster: Hi Lynnsy, these two emulsifiers were formulated out of Natpro some years ago. I know this as I was tasked with upgrading the web product info. Clearly I slipped up somewhere. I'd be grateful if you'd give me the URL to the page where you read this. To do this just post a comment on this page. Many thanks.

BTW the emulsifier in Natpro is a unique combination of sorbitan olivate and cetearyl olivate both derived from organically grown olives.

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Jun 30, 2011
Allergy Update
by: Lynnsy

Hello, thanks for your response. I can't give you an URL to the source because that information is found in the free e-book that you have us download from your site. Its in chapter 10,'what to look for in a cream' and then under #4 'Back to our list of ingredients'.
I'm glad to hear that this is just old information.

(note from webmaster: Thanks Lynnsy, it's clear now... we don't offer any book downloads so it was probably downloaded from an Associate site. We send out a message to associate sites to upgrade their info. Thanks for your help).

Jul 06, 2011
Allergy Question
by: Wray

Hi Lynnsy I'm glad the webmaster answered your question, but he forgot to omit the page on our site where you can find all the info about the cream. You'll notice there have been many changes. We do try to keep up with all the natural and organic raw materials that come out, incorporating them where we can. Please see the relevant page here. Take care Wray

Sep 14, 2018
I'm Allergic
by: Janine

I put the cream on the insides of my arms. 15 minutes later hives and intense itching. Wish I could post a picture. I'm definitely allergic. And very disappointed. Glad I only purchased one.

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