Age 54 and going crazy with Scalded Tongue Syndrome

by Martha
(Olympia, WA)

I am 54 and in menopause. I can't take any product such as Premarin for my hot flash symptoms, etc. as I have a predisposition to blood clots.

About 4 months ago I noticed the tip of my tongue was sensitive and sore and it has gradually taken over my entire mouth. The lesions and blisters move around the interior of my mouth and tongue, sometimes leaving blisters on the roof of my mouth. I've gone to the dentist and a nose, mouth, throat specialist who diagnosed it as STS, and told me that I'll have to ride it out. The specialist suggested zinc, but the zinc has not helped. I am on oxycodone for the pain as it is quite debilitating. Any suggestions? Please?

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May 04, 2011
Age 54 and going crazy with Scalded Tongue Syndrome
by: Wray

Hi Martha I have no immediate solution, other than to suggest trying a B complex. Mouth ulcers are often a sign these are lacking, particularly B2. It's often a sign of stress too, and of course the B vitamins drop when stressed. Is your mouth dry? As this is an indication oestrogen is too high. I'm relieved you can't take HRT, to my mind not worth the risks. Progesterone is effective for hot flushes, but about 400mg/day is needed for 4-5 days to reduce or eliminate them. Once helped the amount should be reduced slowly till the optimum is found, see here. Although oral progesterone was used in this study, it's not the best Delivery system, I've found creams more effective. If you're interested in trying it, please see our page on Menopause. Please also read our page on Oestrogen Dominance too, this can occur when first using progesterone. Oestrogen does cause blood clots, whereas progesterone doesn't, see here. Progesterone and it's metabolite allopregnanolone, are potent analgesics. I suggest rubbing some cream all round your face and neck, particularly under your chin. A friend of mine used some of our cream in her mouth and found it helped, although the taste takes some getting used to! Take care Wray

Aug 04, 2011
Burning Tongue - Success!!
by: Joy (South Africa)

I am the friend that Wray is referring to and have been rubbing Natpro on my tongue. Wray knows only too well how I have battled with my burning tongue. I have done everything that Wray suggested including taking Vitamin B supplements, nothing worked. Yes the cream helped to ease the 'rawness' and blisters on the roof of my mouth and tongue but it never cleared up. You name it I tried it.

Then I got thinking, 'what have I not been doing that I normally do'? Water!!! Due to a very stressful period in my life I had forgotten to drink my usual 6 to 8 glasses of water a day! I was also on medication which Wray was helping to wean me off. I believe now that it is a toxin build up and because I was not drinking my usual water it resulted in my burning tongue! I also decided to go on a very powerful amino acid called cysteine, it chelates heavy metals and is a powerful anti-oxidant. I am also taking a very good probiotic!

I now believe that it is a build up of toxins, so please drink plenty of FILTERED water, rub Natpro on your tongue twice a day or as needed. It might be a good idea to do the cysteine/probiotic route as well. I am stilling taking them and will continue for another month. I have learned my lesson and have once again made WATER my new best friend!! Hope this helps!

Jan 21, 2012
R-Lipoic Acid will help
by: Anonymous

R-Plus by Geronova Research
It is an antioxidant. Menopause has brought on all kinds of maladies and this product takes my burning tongue away.This is different than the Lipoic Acid you buy in the health food store.

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