After two miscarriages I didn't give up

by Andrea

My first miscarriage was at 8 weeks but I guess that was due to stress. After 2 years I conceived again at 20 weeks of the pregnancy I gave birth to a girl I was so devastated that I was going crazy.

What I didn't understand is that my doc told me I didn't have a complaint with my health so he didn't know what went wrong. Anyway his advice to me was the next time I conceive I'm to use baby asprin. I didn't ask why because I was already disapointed. At present I think I'm pregnant again but I'm waiting to do the test. I wish it won't happen all over again. I'm praying.

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Apr 29, 2010
After two miscarriages I didn't give up
by: Wray

Hi Andrea. Stress does cause miscarriages, it also causes pre-term births. Were you stressed in your second pregnancy? If there is nothing wrong with your health, it sounds as if your progesterone dropped each time. Stress causes progesterone to drop sharply, this drop will cause a miscarriage/pre-term birth. Your doctor probably thinks inflammation caused the miscarriage, hence the aspirin, which I don't think you need! What you do need is progesterone, but it's best to start using it before you fall pregnant to give it a chance to settle down and help. Please see this web page. Take care, Wray

Jul 14, 2011
Pregnant or not
by: Andrea

I've always had a 28day cycle an for the past ttwo months it took 30 days an i was a bit worried but what i found is i didnt had any relation for this month an it came on the 28th day so im wondering if i was pregnant an i miss carry because of low progesterone.Can you say anything on this?

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