After four misscarriages I was having doubts

by Shaminah

I'm a 41 year old women whom have been trying to conceive for so long. My first miscarriage happened when I was just a 17, but I wasnt aware of any serious reproductive problems at that time.

I knew that my cycle was irregular some months that all. Well as time went on , I was still having irregular cycles, and it really didnt bother me (I should have paid better attention to my body). Well at 28 yrs old I got pregnant, and I misscarried in my first trimester (4 months). I delivered a baby boy(normal).The ruling was Ihad an incompetent cervix,ok. Well I conceived again at 38 yrs old. I had a cerclage placed, but I wasnt advised properly by my OB DR that I needed to stay off my feet, so I continued to work full-time in Family Practice. I'm a Certified Medical Assistant. I was really on my feet entirely too much. Well one day at work I started to leak fluid,by the time I got to the emergency unit I had lost too much fluid so therefore my cerclage had to be removed,and my labor was induced. I had another boy(normal).chromosone abnormalities were ruled out thank God.

I got pregnant again 1 yr after that but had a blyted ovum. At 40 I conceived again and miscarried in June 2011. I found out after all of these misscarriages I have low progesterone. Im currently using 200mg. of progesterone suppositories, as well as taking 1000mg, a day of Metformin for my polyctstic ovaries. I have only been on the progesterone for about 5 days so please keep my husband and I in your prayers that we may have a healthy baby boy or girl. Good luck to all the women who maybe facing the same issues. Peace and Blessings

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Nov 16, 2011
After four misscarriages I was having doubts
by: Wray

Hi Shaminah It's such a pity progesterone is so overlooked, a low level is the cause of many miscarriages. We do have a page on PCOS. There are many nutrients which reverse it, particularly the antioxidants. I would caution the use of metformin whilst pregnant, one review concludes " Therefore, in a patient who has conceived on metformin, the current recommendation would be to discontinue the medication once pregnancy is confirmed." See here, here, here and here. We also have a page on Pregnancy. Take care Wray

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