by Karen

I've been following your site for a long time. I am 43, still menstruating (and used your cream about 2 years ago and found beneficial effects. I noticed less fatigue, anxiety, depression and cramps within a few days of using it). But I haven't been using it more recently because I could not find a doctor who believed in it.

I just found one who agreed to check my levels. He had me do a blood test through Quest Diagnostics. It measured my estradiol as being 240 pg/ml. It was done on 4/21 and I had my period during that time. The start date was 4/16. I tried to look through your results to see if that shows estrogen dominance. But I did not find a test that correlated. I also saw your results show the person's progesterone level as well and that my test only measured my estradiol. Could you tell me if the test I got done is ok and how to tell if I am in or out of range? I have osteopenia as well and believe that it could be because my progesterone level is not high enough but am not sure. Can you give me guidance on how to interpret this?

In addition, I have been keeping track of how many days in between my periods and they go from April through July as 25, 23, 22, 20, 25, 23, 24 days. How would I figure out the last 14 days of my cycle for using the cream given that mine is not the same number of days each time?

Lastly, my doctor says I might have adrenal fatigue and had me do this ASI saliva test. Could low progesterone affect your adrenals as well?

Thanks for your help.

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Jul 22, 2010
by: Wray

Hi Karen I'm pleased the progesterone helped you. I don't think it's necessary to find a doctor who 'believes' in it, there are a few who do. But as it's so safe and beneficial and it helped you in the past, then I suggest you continue with it. You are now in the beginning stages of perimenopause when cycles can become erratic. For more info please see our page on Peri-menopause. Blood tests are not the most accurate, and they should have done progesterone too, as it's the ratio of the two which is critical, not so much the level. To find this divide the progesterone result with the oestrogen result. It should be over 300:1, although I've found if it's over 600:1 we feel really well. The test should have been done ±7 days after ovulation, which is also ±7 days before bleeding, and certainly not done whilst having a period! The best lab for saliva tests is ZRT Labs The average length of your cycle is 23 days, so using this as a guide, the cream should be started on day 10. Counting the first day of your period as day 1. This is if you should decide to try it again. If you have a saliva test, this should done ± day 16 in your cycle. Your oestrogen is within range, but without knowing the progesterone level, I can't tell you if the ratio is out. Judging by the symptoms you mention I would say it's too low. If you have osteopenia I would say your vitamin D level is too low, please have a test done, ZRT Labs can do this too. Low vitamin D reduces the benefits of progesterone. Low progesterone and vitamin D can affect the adrenals. These make progesterone, which they then convert into cortisol one of our stress hormone. If stressed the adrenals will also be stressed, and will struggle to make sufficient. Supplementing with progesterone relieves the burden. Take care Wray

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