adrenal problems lead to hormone problems

by crazy Krista
(San Diego)

I am 43, fit (but with 10 lbs of weight gain over the last two years), type-A (recovering), mother of two with my own part-time business. I went for my yearly check up to my OBGYN who did blood work for me. It revealed I had almost no testosterone in my body. It also revealed mild anemia and and low vitamin D.

She put me on a testosterone cream of 5mg amd 10mg DHEA, iron, vit D, vitamin c and B complex vitamins.
I used protocol for 6 months and was retested because I still didn't feel good (anxiety, anti-social, mild depression, more weight gain) and also did lots of reading and plenty of lifestyle changes to recover my adrenals. (Working late into the night after your kids go to bed is a very bad idea.)

When I got my sex hormones retested they were: Estradiol 130.4, Progesterone .30, free testosterone .7. Dr. upped my DHEA to 25mg/day. That's it. I'm 18 months recovered from the adrenal stuff, but the hormones are still out of whack.

I got my period on Day 24 this month with extremely heavy bleeding and cramping.

Should I be using Progesterone Cream? Isn't testosterone cream sort of extreme first course of action. I'm having cystic acne and mild depression, and agita which I suspect is from the testosterone cream.

If I use the Progesterone, do I do a cocktail cream with the testosterone? any help is greatly appreciated.

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