Adrenal Fatigue

I'm finding your website very interesting! It all appears very logical and a great ray of hope for a lot of people.

My question is whether or not the Vit E in your product is derived from Wheatgerm. If so, I unfortunately won't be able to use it, due to wheat allergy!!

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May 04, 2011
Adrenal Fatigue
by: Wray

Hi there Thanks for the kind words. The vitamin E we use in the cream is not the same as that found in capsules we take. This has in vivo properties, ie acts as an antioxidant within the body. It's INCI name is dl-alpha tocopheryl if synthetically derived. Or d-alpha tocopheryl if natural. The vitamin E we use in the cream is dl-alpha tocopherol, which has in vitro properties. Ie it acts as an antioxidant within the cream. So I don't believe you will have any problems. It's been calculated that over 80% of people have a sensitivity or allergy to wheat. But they're not aware of it until it becomes acute, as in celiac disease. Loren Cordain has some interesting views on wheat, believing none of us should be eating it, as we're not designed to digest it. For more info please see his website The Paleo Diet. I avoid wheat if I can, as it drops my blood glucose too low, making me impossibly sleepy! I notice you mention adrenal fatigue. I've found progesterone excellent for this for two reasons. It's the precursor to cortisol, one of our stress hormones. The adrenals make progesterone before converting it into cortisol. If the adrenals are stressed, it robs other sources, notably ovarian progesterone. This in turn upsets our reproductive system, in fact high stress can stop ovulation. Which of course means no ovarian progesterone is made. The second reason, progesterone is very calming, so the stress response is lessened. This of course impacts on the adrenals positively. Take care Wray

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