Adrenal Fatigue Sucks

by Tim

The short answer is I don't know yet but it is looking good. I initally came to this page to try and find a way to ask a question on dosing. From the information I have reviewed on this site so far, it looks like I can still truncate my daily dose of Progesterone cream up to 200 mg from my present 80 mg/day dose, if needed. Until finding this and other sites just this week I was afraid to take more than 10 mg/day (too little for me to have any real benefit).

For over 20 years I have experienced periodic symptoms of poor health: some early palpatations, depression came and went several times only to return strong as dejection, anxiety was always near, broncitus from the same germ came back repeatedly over the years often causing weeks of laryngitis, candida and other critters are unwelcome guests, sluggish thyroid, diminished libido, blurred vision, tinnitus, weight gain, lethargy and very severe fatigue, brain fog, spacy feelings, loss of dream recall, night sweats, insomnia, stress intolerance and adrenal fatigue/near failure.

Yea, I have seen a bunch of doctors. I wish I had just found the information on this site instead. The doctors were worthless. When I was 30 and a first year law student I could have fixed things within a day or two and then used a maintenance dose during stressful times. But no, the doctors have their own way of doing things - most of you probably know what that entails.

I have used Progesterone cream twice before. Along with other supplements it has helped me to find better health both times before. When I used it before, my dosing was only 10 mg/day and until this last week I had no idea how important it was to my prior recoveries. Before, my condition was not near as bad but, then again, my "recoveries" were not complete. A number of "crashes" later and I have found myself all but bedridden for the last four months.

I took a 10 mg dose 6 days ago and have increased my dose by 10-20 mg each day thereafter. Today I took 80 mg and it is the best I have felt in six months, or more. I no longer feel like I will break apart if I suffer any stress. My sleep has improved markedly over this period. All of my symptoms are diminishing and many of them respond within minutes of a dosing. I do get a bit sleepy in late morning.

My story is still a work in progress but I think it will have a good outcome. Having two more containers of Life-flo Progesterone Cream for Men in my medicine cabinet makes me feel comfortable using it liberally.

My dosing plan is as follows: use enough to keep me feeling better, up to 200 mg/day if needed; maintain this dosing for three months with a few days off each 2-3 weeks and take Maca to help balance my hormones keeping estrogen in check (and hopefully help to wake my snake). I must restore my adrenals and other endocrine organs so I'll also be taking all the other stuff that didn't work so well by itself this last four months (that's been some pretty expensive pee): Multiple/Multi-B Complex with extra B-5 and B-6, C, A, D, E, zinc, lots of water and sea salt, adrenal and other glandulars plus eat well and maintain a good sleep routine.

I'll also try real hard not to drink any coffee or have more than an occasional evening beer - but no promises. I'll try to laugh and smile more and when I start getting some money in things will really start looking peachy. I'll try and eat 100% organic but that has always proven difficult -couldn't someone start a fast orgainc food joint with modest proportions and reasonable prices?

This was written on 1/5/10. I'll plan to following this comment up on the first day of spring, on 3/21/10. If anyone has a comment on my story or a question I'll try to respond timely.

Good luck to all of us!

P. S. When I initally used Progesterone and for the first several increased dosings, I developed a headached (the first one or two were the most severe but they were not the worst I ever had). My research suggests headaches occur because the progesterone crowds out estrogen and stimilates receptors in the brain. From all my research, the 10-20 mg/day dosing is just too little to be of any real therapeutic benefit, at least for me as I am now. If you are not feeling better after 2-3 days of starting progesterone and you have not taken at least a 50 mg/day dosing then work up to that amount and see what happens. Do not be afraid of the headaches that's what held me back from taking more four years ago. Had I worked through them back then and just learned a little more sooner...

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Jan 08, 2010
It Is Possible to Recover from Adrenal Fatigue
by: Anonymous

Tim, Dr. James Wilson, DC, ND, PhD coined the phrase "adrenal fatigue" in 1998 and is author of the book "Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome." Dr. Wilson has had thousands of successes working with those suffering from the signs and symptoms of adrenal fatigue with insights gathered from more than 30 years as a scientist as well as a physician, He is listed in The International Who's Who in Medicine (Cambridge, England), and was one of the founding fathers of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) in Toronto, Ontario.

It is possible to recover from stress and adrenal fatigue. There is a wealth of information at Dr. Wilson's website, including information on a number of your symptoms and questions.

Wishing you wellness.

Jan 30, 2010
Adrenal Fatigue Sucks
by: Wray

Hi again Tim.These are some of your symptoms with suggestions on what to do about them:
* palpatations: take 1000-5000mg/day taurine, vital for the heart, eyes, liver and immune system, it's a potent antioxidant
* depression and anxiety: please see this web page.
* broncitus and laryngitis: take up to 5000mg/day N-acetyl cysteine, another potent antioxidant, plus a min of 5000IU's vitamin D, plus the taurine and 30mg/day min zinc
* candida: caprylic acid is the best for this, the best form being MCT oil which many body builders use. MCT oil is 60% caprylic acid, take 5ml/day. It can be used topically too if skin infections are a problem. Candida can cause blurred vision, so can water retention, progesterone is an excellent diuretic. Please see this.
* sluggish thyroid: vitamin D, plus the other antioxidants above.
diminished libido: we have many men using progesterone in preference to testosterone. Progesterone stimulates the production of nitric oxide, a potent vasodilator. Viagra works by increasing NO, but with too many risks.
tinnitus: some say this is a lack of tryptophan, yours is probably low if you've had depression
* weight gain, lethargy and very severe fatigue, brain fog, spacy feelings: This sounds like too many toxins, but it could be insulin resistance, please see this.
* loss of dream recall: lack of zinc. Best to take 100mg/day for a month or two, excellent for the immune system and yours is not happy. Incidentally there is more zinc in the sperm than any other area, closely followed by the eyes.
night sweats and insomnia: lack of tryptophan, please see this.

Someone posted a comment about Dr Wilson's book on adrenal fatigue, it's excellent if you should think of getting it. Do hope this helps. Take care, Wray

Jan 30, 2010
Adrenal Fatigue Sucks
by: Wray

Hi Tim. I would agree with your comment on adrenal fatigue! Most men are told to use about 10mg/day progesterone, women are told to use 20mg/day. I've not found either of these works if symptoms are severe, fine if nothing untoward is occurring, useless if they are.

It strikes me you are suffering from severe oxidative stress, which affects the whole body, but the adrenals, thyroid, and liver which has to do all the detoxing, take the brunt. Oxidative stress occurs from an excess of free radicals and too many toxins. Many comes from our food, organic is best if you can, mental and physical stress, lack of antioxidants. I see you are taking a few, but is the dose high enough? Please have a vitamin D test done, a lack affects the whole body, in particular the thyroid, adrenals and liver. There is now a deficiency pandemic of vitamin D, because we were told to stay out of the sun and use sunscreen, please have a test done! We need to take 5000IU's/day for maintenance, or 10 000IU's/day if the level is low. The level in our blood should be: 50?90ng/mL or 124.80-224.80nmol/L. Please see this website.

The adrenals, thyroid and liver work together, but if a high level of free radicals or toxins are present they cannot perform optimally, all three need help, not just the adrenals. I have pasted your symptoms, with suggestions after them on another 'comments' page below, this one doesn't allow me more space.

Apr 19, 2010
by: chris

Hi Tim

How are you doing on your high dose?

I'm just starting the cream.

Dec 29, 2010
Free Radicals and Oxidative Stress
by: Anonymous

Hi Tim, Have you found something to help your adrenal fatigue? We have figured out that's whats wrong with my son. He's 24 yrs old and has had two accidents (broke his wrist and back). Caused him a lot of emotional stress and pain which causes lots of free radicals. He is going to start on a product that gets rid of free radicals 1 million per second 24/7. It reduces oxidative stress 40%! Check it out at

May 04, 2011
Adrenal fatigue can heal!
by: Anonymous

Tom, Progesterone cream has already helped me to get stronger. I have Hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue. I've only been using the cream for 2 weeks, but I want you to know there IS HOPE. Blessings and take care,

Jun 16, 2011
Holistic doctor
by: Anonymous

Go see a holistic Doctor !!! Cured me right up!!! No prescription, no nothing !

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