Adrenal Fatigue, Fibro, PCOS, Hypothyroid & Overweight

by MM

I really hope you can help!
So there's a lot of issues with me lol. I am on adrenal support supplements, Armour thyroid, Vit C, mag, B-comp, L-tryp; my D has been low so I take a liquid Vit D (6,000IU), biotin (for hair thinning), probiotics, zinc (30mg), Inositol, hyaluronic acid (for skin, hair, nails), curcumin, & just started Saw Palmetto & DIM. I plan on adding in amino acid & mineral mix. I'm 47, 6 kids, partial hysto a year ago (still have ovaries). My uterus was incredibly enlarged due to multiple fibroids (one of the worst my gyn had seen).

I'm under a lot of stress (mother of special needs kids & bad marriage); I need to keep things in life as simple as possible. My adrenals are 'tired' (saliva test) & thyroid etc so the above support was started. I've been experiencing heavy fatigue, depression (always been an issue), & the new one in the past few years has been bad anxiety. I'm a good 75lbs overweight if not more. According to all adrenal questions I take I rate in early stage 3 of adrenal fatigue. I cannot exercise at all or I'm ready to drop. Everyday things are a struggle.

I've tested estrogen dominant in past & have had to use progesterone cream during pregnancies since I was miscarriage prone.

Recently my hair began really thinning which was alarming. Had started breaking out, on trunk of body & face which was more of a new thing lately. Very recently had an extra stressful event (again) & everything felt worse somehow & the breakouts got worse. I've only had speculation on the PCOS (I do have excess hair was too embarrassed to mention to anyone as well as other signs) but it really felt like my adrenals pulled any progesterone I had right out of me! Anyway, that's when I started the saw palmetto & DIM (too early to tell anything).

In past I've used what I now read here is a way too low dosage of progesterone cream (Emerita ProGest). From reading here I increased to 200-250mg/day - about 100mg in the AM, 20mg or so midday, & another 100 before bed. It's only been a couple of days but I've already had some reactions. I had a bit of nausea, nothing too bad though; some tiredness but more of a 'chill' feeling; better mood. Slept much better the past 2 nights & woke up actually feeling somewhat human. I drove today with limited anxiety, which was the biggest bonus so far. I've only this week eliminated sugar (except some fruit), gluten, & most grains (again particular, like brown rice I eat). I like the eat right for your type plan as it seems to suit me & what I can tolerate. (type A)

I use glass jars for food storage & try to keep things as organic & natural as I can but with life i just can't be perfect. I do love those PAcifica skin creams! (they are more natural; not sure if there's an issue with them-all natural smells are lovely). I occasionally use essential oils like lavender.

I'm already struggling with the idea of weight gain & even though the anxiety is better at the weight i am at (the drs are concerned) I really cannot afford to gain anymore. I would rather really jump up on the progesterone cream quickly to (hopefully) avoid this, but it's already a lot of cream to slather on! I just started it this week & am hovering even though with my eliminations this week really should've lost something (by experience in past). ANY advice you can give me would be appreciated! thanks so very much

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Dec 06, 2015
Me again, who wrote the original question
by: MM

It's me again & I'm really needing advice - I'm up to about 250mg progesterone cream (ProGest)- so much cream! But I'm still getting symptoms like nausea & some headache; not much though. But my weight has gone up a tad. That is highly disturbing to me, being I'm already so overweight. I've been reading here going WAY up can help bypass these symptoms, but how much & how long? I have no idea what to do & am quite concerned. Can anyone - Wray? Anyone help? thanks so much

Dec 14, 2015
by: Gingerbread

As no one responded, I thought I would just encourage you. Based on what I have been reading on the site, sometimes there is some 'feedback' from estrogen dominance. I didn't realize, but it says it on the site, that you are to dose according to symptoms, not according to a specific dosage and amount of time. I had to get a 10% solution, I needed so much to relieve my symptoms.

I was up to about 400-600mg and thought I was doing ok. But I felt better, but feeling better than crappy is not the same as feeling very very good. So today I took a leap and decided to dose every HOUR with 200mg of 10% cream: I have taken 1600mg so far today. When I come up on the next hour, my body is like, Hey! it's time. I don't know how long this phase will last, but as a 53 year old woman, having oestrone in my fat cells is obviously my problem.

I am 5'3". In high school I weighed 101 pounds. I currently weigh 176 pounds. I would love to drop 40-50. I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone.

Apr 20, 2016
Just started torches yesterday scared
by: Karla

Hi all,
Just started trohes. 1mg progesterone, 0.5mg estrogen. I don't know what type of progesterone it is This is all the pharmacy could tell me.
I'm 5'9 and weigh 160. I used to weigh 130 until I got hypothyroidism. I also have fibromyalgia, an autoimmune condition and. Inflammation in all joints. At first the doctors thought I had rheumatoid and 10 years later they can't figure it out.
I am under tremendous stress: husband walked out because he was tired of me being sick; I am in nursing school to reactivate my RN and I will be starting a new job. I have three grown least they can take care of themselves and they have been so supportive and angry at their dad.
I have so many questions about starting hormones and gaining more weight and some other side affects I've heard about. I guess I just need a little support.
One more thing... My insurance does not cover my hormone therapy! What?! Has anyone had this experience? I am calling them today to see why.
Sorry for writing such a long comment. Thanks to everyone!

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