Adrenal fatigue and progesterone cream application during follicular phase

by Melissa

Dear Wray,

Congratulations for you have put out a WONDERFUL website full of information. I love reading your replies to other's questions.

I am 34 and have adrenal fatigue with low cortisol and low aldosterone tested time and time again on saliva and blood with such a low BP that I have to take the steroid Florinef (which mimics aldosterone) everyday along with a tsp of salt on each meal to keep BP up, otherwise I get such terrible dizziness that I can't stand up. I have also many aches and pains and symptoms of low cortisol (shaking,anxiety, tremors, high pulse etc) and am hypothyroid (on 2 grains of armour). My estradiol levels were so high on 2 blood tests done on the 21st day of my cycle that they were over the reference range both times. My results last time were: 27 ng/dl for estradiol (maximum ref. range was 21) and progesterone 1300 ng/dl with a ratio of prog. to estradiol of 48; 2 months before it was 39 ng/dl (again, max. ref. range was 21) for estradiol and progesterone 1300 ng/dl, ratio would be 33.

After these results I started using 20 mg progesterone cream on the 12 day of my cycle until the 26 and did this for 2 months with a worsening of my symptoms (heart rate grew even higher, irritability, tremors, and worst, I'd wake up in the middle of the night and couldn't go back to sleep even taking melatonin) and then I read your website and saw that my dose was too low. I increased it to around 100 mg per day and got SUCH relief - my heart rate went down to normal, was very calm, my temp went up, pains disappeared and I could sleep. The only drawback was that my BP got even lower, but that was a small price to pay for so many benefits. However, when it came the time to stop the progesterone cream at the end of my cycle, I simply couldn't sleep anymore - even with melatonin sups. So I had to use around 15 or 20mg of the cream per day during my bleeding days and still I had horrible sleep. So my question is, can I use progesterone during the follicular phase and bleeding days as well, and if so how much should that be.

By the way, I've ordered Natpro and would like to apply it vaginally with an applicator, would the cream be appropriate to use inside the vagina too.

Since progesterone is a precursor to cortisol and aldosterone, I am wondering if the progesterone I apply on my body is being converted into these hormones since they are very low.

Thank you very much Wray,
Cheers from Brazil!

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