Adenomyosis with no pain or heavy bleeding, and SIBO connection

by Jennifer
(Rhode Island)

Hi there,

I am 51 and was just diagnosed with adenomyosis using MRI. They want to remove my uterus. The interventional radiologist who ordered the MRI prior to possibly doing uterine emoblization said I could wait it out and the uterus will shrink at menopause.

I still have regular periods with no hot flashes, and no bleeding in between periods. I had very heavy periods for years and was diagnosed with anemia. My last three menstrual cycles were completely normal with no cramps. I achieved this, I believe, by juicing daily with turmeric and ginger added to my juice mixes after doing research on the internet. I also cut back on caffeine and alcohol. I do not eat gluten or heavy dairy. The only symptom of adenomyosis I have now is an enlarged uterus (11 cm on last MRI) which is pressing on my bladder.

Will progesterone help reduce the size of my uterus so it doesn't press on my bladder? I am worried the uterus will continue to grow.

Also, of note, I was diagnosed with sudden onset of SIBO (after taking some new probiotics for bloating) and the sudden growth of the uterus seems to have coincided with that event. I was given antibiotics to treat the SIBO but it did not cure it completely. My only symptom with the SIBO is a lot of belching. My digestive function feels, otherwise normal.

I am seeking treatment with a functional medicine doctor for the SIBO. She said certain bad bacteria can interfere with estrogen metabolism, and this could be related to the sudden growth spurt of my uterus to the point that it's creating pressure on my bladder.

I am wondering if I should try progresterone to help shrink my uterus to relieve the pressure I feel in my abdomen. (I have a tilted uterus, so my belly does protrude that much, thankfully.)

Thank you,


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Sep 07, 2017
Adenomyosis with no pain or heavy bleeding, and SIBO connection
by: Joy

Hi Jennifer

Adenomyosis is very similar to Endometriosis and should be treated the same way. Both are inflammatory conditions and the inflammation needs to be addressed otherwise you will battle. Endometrial tissue is highly sensitive to both estrogen and progesterone. Unfortunately estrogen is an excitatory hormone, stimulating cells to grow, whereas progesterone is calming and prevents their growth. The uterus shrinks slightly in some women when in menopause, but not others. So to say to 'wait it out' until menopause is not totally correct, yours may not shrink then, silly comment actually. Excess estrogen causes an enlarged uterus, progesterone therapy will help reduce this.

If you can use a high dose of progesterone each day, I believe the uterus will shrink, not down to it's size prior to the start of the adenomyosis, but certainly enough to prevent it's removal. Some doctors are far too quick in suggesting surgery sadly. Usually 200mg per day helps if not too severe, but I have found that for the more severe cases 400-500mg per day is needed, anything less and it will not work. The following protocol helps with the inflammation and is also excellent for heavy/continual bleeding and clotting. You are fortunate not to suffer from irregular periods and hot flashes ...... yet, or perhaps you will be lucky enough to get away with it.


* Natpro Progesterone Cream - 400-500mg per day
* N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) - 2000mg per day
* Taurine - 2000mg per day
* Vitamin D - 5000iu's per day more if vitamin D3 level is low
* Bioflavanoids - 1000mg per day

Juicing is excellent, especially green juicing. Turmeric is excellent for inflammation too, must use black pepper with it though for better absorption. Ginger is also good, I take these every day too.

Please read the Peri-Menopause page listed below. This is the time when the ratio of estrogen to progesterone gets out of kilter. This is due to the anovulatory cycles which begin round about age 35.

What is your Vitamin D3 level? A deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone it is also vital for endo, fibroids and adenomyosis. Important co-factors are needed.

I much prefer fermented foods instead of OTC probiotics, they are much, much stronger and more effective. They replace the bad bacteria with the good bacteria. You will find a huge difference if you decide to switch to fermented foods. It should also help with your belching. There are many websites available today advising how to make your own and the benefits of it. Antibiotics never address the cause and often add to the problem.

Please read the pages below and the study papers as they will help you:

Estrogen Dominance

How to use Progesterone Cream



Vitamin D3


Fermented Foods

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